First ‘NEUROMANCER’ concept art is generic cyberpunk nonsense.

This is no way to calm my already frantic nerves about the film adaptation of Neuromancer. I mean, first they offer the lead role to Marky Mark, and now they drop this concept artwork. Glorious me. You can pull this sort of brooding, dark set, generic artwork out of cyberpunk discount bins. All that is missing from this bullshit is some sort of head tattoo-mohawk combination.

Hit the jump to peep the abominations.

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‘NEUROMANCER’ CASTING RUMORS: Mark Wahlberg is involved. F**k everything.

Silly me for getting hopes up regarding the Neuromancer adaptation. I mean, I thought things. Wonky things. Like it may not suck. Like it may be good. If these rumors are true, you can find me in the bathrub weeping softly

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