‘NEUROMANCER’ CASTING RUMORS: Mark Wahlberg is involved. F**k everything.

Silly me for getting hopes up regarding the Neuromancer adaptation. I mean, I thought things. Wonky things. Like it may not suck. Like it may be good. If these rumors are true, you can find me in the bathrub weeping softly


Splice director Vincenzo Natali’s planned adaption of William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic is apparently still moving along, and now we might be on the verge of some major news. Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson have reportedly been offered two of the most important roles in the film, with Wahlberg playing the anti-hero computer cowboy Case and Neeson taking on the part of the former Green Beret Armitage. The latter part was originally linked to Bruce Willis. There’s no way of knowing how serious these offers really are, although Wahlberg at least has a connection with the film’s producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, with whom he worked on Shooterand Four Brothers. Natali will reportedly begin production on Neuromancer once he finishes up his current project Haunter, which should mean this movie could be ready for as soon as 2014.

Liam Neeson would be neat.