‘Neuromancer’ movie happening again with ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller attached

neuromancer tim miller directing deadpool

Neuromancer is happening, again, folks. As you may or may not know, I’ve sworn off being worried about adaptations, and telling myself if they’re good, awesome. Bonus. If they suck, no harm no foul. So I’ll say this about the Neuromancer adaptation. The biggest hurdle it faces is not looking derivative, because it’s so goddamn influential that so many properties that have ripped it off (or paid homage if you’re on the positive tip) have dropped first. That said, I like Tim Miller. A lot.

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‘Neuromancer’ movie gains funding, loses director Vincenzo Natali


Must be a cyberpunk kind of week. We got some news already about Blade Runner‘s cinematographer, and now it’s been announced that Neuromancer has found itself some funding. I am cautiously optimistic about an adaptation of one of my favorite novels. Ever.

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‘NEUROMANCER’ CASTING RUMORS: Mark Wahlberg is involved. F**k everything.

Silly me for getting hopes up regarding the Neuromancer adaptation. I mean, I thought things. Wonky things. Like it may not suck. Like it may be good. If these rumors are true, you can find me in the bathrub weeping softly

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‘Neuromancer’ Movie Goes Into Pre-Production. Gulp.

William Gibson’s Neuromancer is something of a Bible to me. A sacred text. For years they’ve been talking about getting a movie done, and now it’s officially moving into pre-production.

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