Amazon is adapting William Gibson’s novel ‘The Peripheral’ into a TV series so I should probably read it

amazon william gibson tv series the peripheral

Of course, of course Amazon is developing the only Willam Gibson novel I haven’t read into a TV series. But, maybe that’s a good thing for me. Maybe I should pass on reading this one, just this one, and take the adaptation as its own entity.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Chaos Reigns Supreme

chaos reigns supreme

There’s a stunning, albeit welcomed, banality to my life. To skip two weeks of Desktop Thursdays, the column where I share with you both my virtual and tangible worlds, and look back and find emptiness. Placidity. Nothing much to report, over and out. Nothing much to comment upon, over and out.

I’m here this week, though, with said column. And I’ll share, with you said worlds.

I hope you’ll do the same in the comments.

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Monday Morning Commute: The sky above the port was the color of television

Monday Morning Commute! On a Monday Evening! Truthfully, this tardiness is, relativistically speaking, pretty good compared to my usual antics. In fact, this column would have slithered out of my mind-hole earlier had the words come to me. Sometimes the Muses toss lightning bolts up your ass, and you feel Empowered. Emboldened. Surfing The Edge. Sometimes the Muses retreat to a 7-Eleven bathroom to trib with faeries and knaves and satyrs. Coating themselves in the slickening sugary confections we pass off as food, writhing in wrappers and detritus, orgasming in supplication to the Eternal Engine which neither Cares nor Notices us.

Today? For me? The Muses are fucking around with the fucking faeries in the fucking bathroom.  But still, I persist. But still, I exist. Put that on a Hallmark card and staple it onto my forehead, I know it’s fucking lame.

Today? For me? I’m going to write this column anyways. Even though the Muses ain’t here. I’m going to tell you everything I’m excited about this week. Even though the Muses ain’t here. I’m going to ask you to join me, vapid, broken, banal me, in the comments section, letting me know what you are excited for this week. Even though the Muses ain’t here.

Well? Shall we?

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William Gibson and Butch Guice dropping ‘Archangel’ for IDW in 2016.


Billy GibSon doing a fucking comic book with Butch Guice? Sign me the fuck up. It also doesn’t hurt that the synopsis portrays a comic out of its goddamn mind. Post-Apocalyptic World War II time-traveling…stuff? Okay!

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IDW teases project with ‘Neuromancer’ author William Gibson.


Oh fuck! One of my favorite authors is getting into the funny book game with publisher IDW. I’m in. It doesn’t even matter what the comic book is about, I’m going to be buying it.

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‘Neuromancer’ movie gains funding, loses director Vincenzo Natali


Must be a cyberpunk kind of week. We got some news already about Blade Runner‘s cinematographer, and now it’s been announced that Neuromancer has found itself some funding. I am cautiously optimistic about an adaptation of one of my favorite novels. Ever.

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‘NEUROMANCER’ CASTING RUMORS: Mark Wahlberg is involved. F**k everything.

Silly me for getting hopes up regarding the Neuromancer adaptation. I mean, I thought things. Wonky things. Like it may not suck. Like it may be good. If these rumors are true, you can find me in the bathrub weeping softly

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Video: WILLIAM GIBSON Interview Touching On Drugs, Politics, Cityscapes

William Gibson predicted the future, and as I type on this keyboard to you across our mass hallucination, I’m only ratifying that claim. Here’s a pretty fucking awesome interview by  Alex Pasternack in which he gets Gibson to open up on a variety of things. Gods, I love this man.

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STEAMPUNK Festival Hits Waltham, Mass With[out] NEIL GAIMAN And WILLIAM GIBSON. I’m There.

[Note: William Gibson and Neil Gaiman will not be attending.   See comments for more info.]

I enjoy steampunk whenever I pass by it in my cultural travels. Not enough to dress in its elegant swag, nor to delve deeply into the literature. Enough to appreciate it. Even at this novice level however, I’m beyond bonerized for the steampunk festival coming to my home state.

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Video: 1986 Infomercial For ‘Neuromancer’ Movie That Never Happened.

True fucking Gibsonite porn right here. A 1986 informercial for a Neuromancer adaptation that never came to be. It was intended to drudge up funding for the project, and features a gaggle of stars including a glorious 1986 version of the author himself.

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