Michael B. Jordan developing Black Superman limited series for HBO MAX. All about that Val-Zod!

michael b jordan black superman series hbo max

None other than motherfucking Michael B. Jordan is developing an HBO MAX based on Val-Zod. If you ain’t in the know, Val-Doz is a black Superman from Earth-2 and goddamn do I hope Jordan plays him.

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Michael B. Jordan officially directing ‘Creed 3’ and it’s dropping Thanksgiving, 2022!

michael b jordan director creed 3 official release date set

Michael B. Jordan is officially directing Creed 3, and the fucker is dropping next Thanksgiving. I fucking loved Creed. Could have given or taken Creed 2. So, what’s to get me stoked about a third flick? Michael B. Jordan directing! Like, is he good? I don’t know! Is he bad? I don’t know! But am I eager to find out the answer? Oh fuck yeah.

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Michael B. Jordan is producing a ‘Static Shock’ live-action movie. I’m instantly intrigued, dudes!

michael b jordan produce movie static shock

I don’t really know anything about Static Shock, dudes. However, I do know Michael B. Jordan! Dude is solid. Which means this project gains instant credence in my eyes.

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Rumor: Michael B. Jordan is returning for ‘Black Panther 2’ so everyone can keep saying Killmonger was right et cetera

nintendo switch sales pass nintendo 64(1)

Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther 2? Well, maybe! I, uh, am actually inclined to believe this is true.

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‘Fahrenheit 451’ Teaser Trailer and First Look: It Was An Extremely Stylized Pleasure To Burn

The first trailer for HBO’s F451 adaptation has dropped, and, eh, I don’t know. I don’t want to extrapolate (or attempt to, rather) too much from a teaser. However, my reticent-at-best feelings persist.

Hit the jump for some first look images, too.

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Sylvester Stallone directing ‘Creed 2’, which is both stunningly boring and dumb to me

sylvester stallone directing creed 2

Creed was fantastic because it was an interesting spin on the Rocky franchise. It excelled because it allowed a new filmmaker to explore the franchise’s mythos, while injecting his own take. have absolutely no fucking desire to see old ass, redundant Stallone once again return to the director’s chair.

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Netflix has ordered a season of Michael B. Jordan’s superhero family show. I’m here for this, dude.

netflix michael b jordan superhero family series

Netflix has picked up Raising Dion for a full series. Additionally, Michael B. Jordan has not only signed-on as the executive producer, he’s also co-starring. I’m fucking *here* for this, dude.

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HBO’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ movie casts Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon

hbo fahrenheit 451 michael be jordan michael shannon

Oh man. F451, perhaps one of my top five novels of all time, is getting an HBO movie adaptation. I knew this. However, I also now know that the movie is going to have significant talent in the form of Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon.

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Rumor: New ‘Matrix’ Movie Is Morpheus Prequel Starring Michael B. Jordan

new matrix movie morpheus prequel michael b jordan

Matrix reboot? Lame as fuck, to me. A Matrix prequel starring Michael B. Jordan as Morpheus? Dope as fuck, to me. Who knows if this is more than a rumor, though.

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‘The Matrix’ Being Rebooted By Warner. Bros

the matrix reboot warner bros. michael b jordan

Warner Bros. is looking to get back into The Matrix. With a reboot/maybe not a reboot, potentially starring Michael B. Jordan.

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