Henry Cavill ain’t Superman anymore, maybe, who knows, nah he’s gone

henry cavill superman

Yesterday, it came out that Henry Cavill wasn’t Superman anymore. Then, WB issued a half-assed response neither confirming nor denying anything. After that, fucking Cavill himself posted some cryptic-ass Instagram message. What’s going on? Who the fuck knows. My best guess is that Cavill can’t agree on a contract, there isn’t a Superman movie planned, but that he hasn’t been officially replaced.

If he’s gone? It’s a fucking bummer. Dude deserved better than the shit salad scripts and directors he was given during his tenure as the Man of Steel.

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Matthew Vaughn Wanted For ‘Man of Steel 2’

matthew vaughn man of steel 2

Matthew Vaughn is a competent director. I don’t really feel either way about him possibly directing Man of Steel 2. Especially since most of my complaints regarding the DCU have very little to do with the directing (which may be saying something). Rather, my chief criticisms are more focused on the scripts.

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Confirmed: ‘Man of Steel 2’ by Cavill’s agent

Man of Steel.

You know, I’m just going to go ahead and be optimistic about the second Superman movie. You know, against all odds, I’m going to pretend that Geoff Johns’ presence in the DCU boardrooms means they’re going to *figure shit out* — and if I’m let down, I’m let down.

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Report: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel officially enters development

Man of SteelMan of Steel is getting a sequel. At this point, why the fuck not? It’s the least worst out of the three shitty, shitty entries into the DC Extended Universe. I mean, it’s still shitty. But least. And Geoff Johns is now DC Entertainment President and has spoken about the Man of Steel needing to be a colorful, inspiring figure. So let’s green light the movie! Worst Case Ontario? It sucks like the rest of them

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‘Batman v Superman’ Final Trailer: Bruce Wayne Is Good At Fighting

Okay, I’m not going to fucking front. I smiled throughout this entire trailer. Like, I *know* that this movie is probably going to be ass. I know! But finally, a fucking *fun* trailer for the movie. Highlighting the usual Snyder imagery that tricks me into thinking I’ll enjoy his characters. I’m a sucker for flash, and fighting, and Bat-Guy and Super-Dude. If the movie could tow the line and actually just embrace its absurdity, we may be in for a good ride. The problem is that this is the first trailer that doesn’t make the entire movie feel like a slog of brooding broodiness. Who knows. I’m, at least, more excited than I’ve ever been for this movie. (Which is saying absolutely nothing, true.)

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Rumor: ‘Man of Steel 2’ is apparently on “permanent hold”

all crying and shit

Never mind George Miller directing Man of Steel 2. If this rumor holds, the director of that film is the least of its concerns.

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Rumor: George Miller (‘Mad Max’) could be directing ‘Man of Steel 2’

George Miller.

Back in the day, George Miller was supposed to direct Justice League. He didn’t, and the world was worse for it. Zack Snyder *did* direct Man of Steel, and the world was worse for it. The result was a DCU I don’t really give a fuck about. A DCU whose reputation (in my eyes) could be recuperated by George Miller helming Man of Steel 2. I mean — can you fucking imagine? OH WHAT A DAY. (There are other reports that cast doubts on this rumor — but let’s just imagine it happening. I mean fuck, somewhat in the Multiverse it’s hapepning. Let us go there, if not here.)

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Jesse Eisenberg is going to be playing Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel. This is sort of neat because casting that dude significantly calms down any sort of interest I had in the project and Universe. Temper my expectations. Can’t stand the guy. Strikes me as pretentious. Whatever. And this news is particularly hilarious since he shat on big budget tent pole movies a couple of years ago.

Oh! And Jeremy Irons.

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Best of 2013 – Caffeine Powered’s Picks


2013 was a bit of a benchmark year for me in the realm of my personal life. Over the course of the last twelve months I have: successfully not shit my pants (time left), moved into my first official apartment with my girlfriend (I was squatting in hers), spent hundreds of dollars on caffeinated products, proposed to said girlfriend and begun planning a wedding, played far too many hours of Borderlands 2, stared at far too many asses on Tumblr, taught my first classes (I love it), and hung with the Gang Omega far too little.

The drawback of a boomin’ personal life is that pop culture has flowed through my brain with far too little interaction this year. What I perceive, I half perceive. What I enjoy is fleeting. Worse still, I’ve ventured very little out of my comfort zone. Indie games, comics, movies, and fetish sites have been largely ignored due to want of time.

As a result, my list is a pedestrian collection of my favorites from a very sad little slice of what arrived onto the scene this past calendar year.


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Zack Snyder sort of doesn’t get SYMBOLISM; Thinks ‘Man of Steel’ destruction “enhances the myth.”

Zack Snyder.

Zack Snyder continues to amaze me. It really blows my mind how he continues to blow my fucking mind. Frat Boy Rock has come out to discuss the endless destruction in Man of Steel and spends most of the time puking all over himself with terms he wields clumsily. (I’m an idiot too, don’t think I’m feeling superior.)

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