‘The Flash’ standalone movie depending on success of ‘Justice League’ so good luck with that

the flash standalone justice league movie

I know it may actually sound fairly optimistic for me, but I have no idea how good Justice league will be. This is optimistic for me, since I was calling it a certifiable turd bouquet nine months ago. But, then Joss Whedon took over. Is the movie going to be good? No fucking idea. But the Flash movie apparently really hopes so.

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‘Justice League’ Movie Will Feature Green Lantern Appearance

justice league movie green lantern

Woah. I had sort of forgotten about Green Lantern, the Green Lanterns, and the fact that he/they have been missing from the DCEU. Whelp! The Justice League movie is going to feature one. In a key sequence!

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Zack Snyder teases Deathstroke appearance for Justice League movie

deathstroke justice league movie

Zack Snyder is teasing Deathstroke’s appearance in the Justice League movie, again. Deathstroke. Really, when using that phrase to represent anything other than some sort of brain-busting orgasm is a colossal fucking waste. But here we are. Here we are. Whatever.

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Cyborg is going to appear in ‘The Flash’ movie. Could be Dope!


Get it? I’m just calling everything about The Flash movie Dope, because it’s got the same director and actress. So shitty puns, man. Shitty puns straight everywhere. Seriously though. Cyborg is in the movie. Cool? Not cool? I don’t know, but I remain optimistic about the film.

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‘Justice League’ gets new logo; heavy metal assemblage

‘Justice League’ Teaser Trailer: The DCU Dares To Smile

Hey! Have a Justice League teaser trailer! I enjoyed it a lot. To be honest, it seems like they’re trying to crib Whedon and MCU’s use of humor after shit talking it for so long and wanting to be “dark” and “realistic”. But, I don’t really give a fuck as long as it’s fun and good. 

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‘Justice League’ Official Logo and Plot Details! For You Three Who Are Optimistic!

Justice League

Here’s some Justice League details. I swear it, I swear it unless this movie gets good reviews I’m going to take a stand and only see it once. Only once! Get it? A, uh, lame joke, cause it was sounding like I was actually going to skip it, but I’m worthless.

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Jesse Eisenberg confirms Lex Luthor is in ‘Justice League: Part One’

Lex Luthor.

Shitty Jesse Eisenberg has confirmed his shitty rendition of Lex Luthor is going to be in the shitty Justice League: Part One.

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Willem Dafoe cast in ‘Justice League’ as a good guy

J.K. Simmons cast as Commissioner Gordon in ‘Justice League’ movie

J.K. Simmons

Upon hearing news about J.K. Simmons being cast as Gordon in the JL movie, I realized something. There is literally nothing that can get me excited for this movie, save footage that temporarily dazzles me. I mean, I dig Simmons. I dig Gordon. But I ain’t hype.


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