‘Infinity War’ photo reveals rad ass new abilities for Iron Man’s armor

infinity war iron man bleeding edge armor

What’s a movie featuring Iron Man, without new abilities for his suit? Especially a movie as epic as Infinity War? Why, no fucking movie at all! Fans have been speculating about the newest round of Iron Man abilities since the trailer dropped, and, well, they were right.

After the jump for a look, and specific details! ‘Cause, spoilers! “Spoilers”, really.

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Marvel’s next Iron Man is Riri Williams, a 15 Year-Old Black Girl who attends MIT

Riri Williams.

Marvel has announced that the next Iron Man is going to be Riri Williams. I’m not familiar with. But apparently she’s a Stark-level genius African American girl who attends MIT. I can dig it.

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Watch: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Battle Gets First-Person Short film courtesy of fan

‘Iron Man 4’ teased by Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 3.

Man. Maybe Robert Downey Jr. ain’t done starring in solo Iron Man flicks just yet.

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Rumor: Captain America and Iron Man in the next ‘Spider-Man’ movie


Lost in all the fapping over and critiquing of last week’s Civil War trailer was this: there wasn’t any Spider-Kid in the trailer. Which is sort of dope, ’cause it means they’re saving him. For when? Who knows! But he will be in the movie, as part of the glorious Shared Universe. And it gets better! Not only is Spidey appearing in a Cap movie, but Cap and Iron Man will also be appearing in his.

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Bucky and Captain America goin’ full ‘Streets of Rage’ on Iron Man’s ass

Maybe: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ promo art


‘Cause I hope you didn’t think we were getting a break from the 24/7 media pummeling emanating out of Marvel and the House of Mouse.

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Downey Jr. says big movie announcement coming in eight days, drops Iron Man character poster for ‘AoU’


Robert Downey Jr hung a double-whammy on the masses today. First the actor dropped an Iron Man character poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Neat enough, right? But then the good lad followed up that magnanimity up by announcing…a Marvel announcement. Apparently Marvel Studios is dropping some announcement in eight days, and like. If this isn’t web-shooter related, I’ll be shocked.

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‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ gets (unsurprising) plot synopsis


Are you like me? Hungry for any morsel of Avengers: Age of Ultron news? Well, here. Gobble up this official plot synopsis from Disney. It’s pretty much everything the Internet has already figured out, but it makes for a momentary indulgence.

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MARKY MARK WAHLBERG sort of wants to play IRON MAN after RDJ.

Feel the vibrations or something.

Disclaimer: I actually like Marky Mark. You know, when he is playing one of his beefcake bimbo roles. But as the lead in Iron Man? Thinking about it. My testes ascend into my throat, and not shortly after I vomit them out into my martini. I still drink said martini, of course.

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