Fucking Obi-Wan speak.

Microsoft is engaging in some serious fucking Obi-Wan speak when it comes to whether or not their new console requires an always-on Internet connection. It doesn’t. But does. You don’t have to be connected. But you have to connect everyday. I can’t keep track of this fucking stupidity. And yes I think requiring people to connect daily for a single-player game is fucking dumb.

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Department of Justice helping AT&T getting around PESKY WIRETAPPING LAWS.

Obey! Big Brother!

The airwaves are not safe! We are going to need to take our communications to broad-band telepathy. You know, we must don our aluminum plated salad bowl helmets and transmit that way. ‘Cause the rest of the avenues are being watched. Legal or not.

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Kim Dotcom offering money if you can defeat Mega’s encryption. Get at it!

Dotcom is throwing the fuggin' gauntlet down.

Kim Dotcom has offered a flourishing bounty of ducats, should someone be capable of defeating his new file-sharing service’s encryption. Now, I don’t really know anything about encryption. I don’t. However, what I do know about is the Internet. And generally I’ve found that where there is an Internet, there is a way.

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And…IRAN has blocked GOOGLE. There’s that.

Not cool, man! Iran has blocked Google. One of those moments where I take a momentary reprieve from bemoaning the happenings at home, and praise the U.S for at least letting me look up pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.

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White House Says Obama Will Definitely Veto CISPA. Word?

Word out of the White House is that President Obama will veto CISPA. At this point though, I’m not certain that shit even matters. Hard to imagine the Determined Parties not soldiering on, continually throwing spaghetti until some of it sticks.

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Iran’s “HALAL INTERNET” Becoming A More-Ambitious Part Of Current Censorship Regime.

I’ve been spitting articles at you lately concerning Iran and its desire to create its own intranet cut off from us diabolical Western bastards with our (illusions) of democracy and Coca Cola. Turns out, Iran ain’t going to be pulling that off any time soon. Instead they’re just doubling over on their current censorship.

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Video: Arthur C. Clarke Predicts The Internet And Personal Computers. In 1974. I Hate Myself.

Arthur C. Clarke knows how to humble a man. Like many of my heroes, the dude dabbles in a bit of the futurism. Check out this video from 1974 where the good sir predicts  the internet and computers. So goddamn awesome.

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