‘Death Stranding’ Launch Trailer: Eight minutes of Kojima’s next magnum opus

Here’s the launch trailer for Death Stranding, and woah is the motherfucker meaty. Eight goddamn minutes of confusing but intriguing content. I didn’t think I was going to engage this pig! However, with the delays of a few titles, and general curiosity building, I’m not sure anymore. I’ve officially wandered into “let’s see how the reviews are” territory.

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Conan O’Brien is in ‘Death Stranding’ as Kojima continues to dare us to call him on his bullshit, my god

death stranding conan o'brien

Conan O’Brien is in Death Stranding. A game, which seems like it features many ridiculous and cool things. But, is a cool game? I’m skeptical as fuck.

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Hideo Kojima teases ‘Death Stranding’ news coming on May 29. I still don’t believe this game is real.

Hideo Kojima has teased that there’s news about his “game” Death Stranding dropping May 29. Yeah, okay. Sure, dude. I’ll believe this shit is more than a collection of vanity vignettes with Kojima’s friends when we see actual gameplay. So, maybe tomorrow?

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‘Death Stranding’ Trailer: Kojima’s next mystery box contains 100% more Troy Baker

I continue to disbelieve that this is an actual game. You can’t trick me, Kojima! Not until I see some actual goddamn gameplay! Okay, okay. Gameplay that isn’t just Walking Dead Guy walking around.

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Kojima drops ‘Death Stranding’ “Bridges” teaser, game is skipping E3

death stranding bridges teaser

Hideo Kojima’s next game ain’t coming to E3 this year, folks. But he did share a new, extremely vague, extremely Kojima teaser for the game. A spiderweb! The word “bridges”! My guess? Bridges between universes, the spiderweb the connections between them. Just a guess, though! Can’t wait to be 10000% right wrong. As well, a Polygon article digs real, real deep into all the way “bridges” have already been presented by Kojima in this game.

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‘Death Stranding’ Trailer: Del Toro and Mikkelsen Go Full Kojima

Hideo Kojima dropped a new trailer tonight for his next game, Death Stranding. It uh, makes very little sense, and features tentacles, Guillermo del Toro, and Mads Mikkelsen. I’m fucking pumped.

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Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’ is an open-world action game; more details here!


Hideo Kojima took to TGS to elaborate about his next title, his first title, with the new Kojima Productions, not to be confused with the old Kojima Productions. The game? Death Stranding. The premise-plot-mechanics?

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‘Metal Gear Survive’ Trailer: Konami’s Post-Kojima Attempt with…Zombies

Watch: Kojima Productions’ Official Logo Sequence for their games

Of course, of course Kojima Productions will have their own official log sequence. Of course, of course they’d release it before they even have any game content, or even a game engine.

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‘Death Stranding’ E3 2016: Kojima and Reedus Reteam for the Whalepocalypse