‘Wonder Woman 1984’ coming to HBO Max and theaters on December 25. Christmas present indeed!

wonder woman 1984 heading to hbo max and theaters december 25

Holy fucking hell, dudes. This is colossal. Wonder Woman 1984 is dropping on HBO Max the same day it hits theaters. Specifically, December 25. What a rad way to pad a shitty Christmas season, no? Now, please, Disney. Give us Black Widow.

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J.J. Abrams producing ‘Justice League Dark’ and ‘Shining’ spin-off series for HBO MAX. He’s a nice vanilla fart of a choice!

jj abrams justice league dark shining spin off series hbo max

Well, we’re finally getting Justice League Dark. Unfortunately, it’s being produced by the creative equivalent of a forgettable neat pop-culture reference. You know, J.J. Abrams! As well, dude is producing a spin-off series based on The Shining. Sure! Whatever!

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Rosario Dawson cast as a lead in HBO MAX’s adaptation of comic ‘DMZ’ and I am here for it!

Holy shit. Rosario Dawson has been cast as a lead in HBO MAX’s DMZ adaptation. The comic is one of my faves, and I fuck heavy with the idea of her playing Zee. Her role is apparently ” Alma Ortego”, but, I mean, it’s gotta be Zee. Right? Or not, I don’t know. Character description sounds a lot like Zee, sans the kid part.

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‘Adventure Time’ is getting four new specials on HBO Max. Which reminds me, I gotta return to the series!

adventure time specials hbo max

Adventure Time. I fucking love what I’ve seen of it. But, I ain’t seen it all. And now, there’s even more of the series coming to clog my backlog. Specifically, four new specials!

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Ava DuVernay directing pilot of ‘DMZ’ adaptation for HBO Max. My nipples are so hard.

ava duvernay directing dmz adaptation hbo max

DMZ is one of my favorite comic series of all time. And now, on the precipice of our second Civil War, the comic is finally getting adapted. With Ava DuVernay directing the pilot. Holy fucking hell.

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