Joker and Harley Quinn Movie also in development, will be in the DCEU. What the hell is going on?

joker harley quinn movie development

So, sweet fucking Christ. In the past day, the Slop Culture EchoChamber learned about a standalone Joker movie, starring someone other than Jared Leto, which will take place outside the DCEU. Then, we learned that the Ben Affleck-powered The Batman will also take place outside the DCEU. Now finally, we have learned that there’s a Joker and Harley Quinn movie in development, which does star Jared Leto, and will take place in the DCEU.

What the fuck is going on.

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Paul Dini Joins ‘Harley Quinn’ Creative Team

harley quinn paul dini creative team

Paul Dini is joining the creative team for Harley Quinn, starting in April. The genius behind the fan favorite will be writing an ongoing back-up story.

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David Ayers Directing The Harley Quinn Spin-Off Movie Called ‘Gotham City Sirens’


Harley Quinn’s spin-off movie has landed a director! And a title! And it seems, a premise!

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Margot Robbie officially Executive Producing a Harley Quinn movie


I fucking hated Suicide Squad. I fucking hated its portrayal of Harley Quinn. That said, I am unrepentant in my fanboy love for the visual aesthetic Robbie cut as Quinn, and thus I’m excited about a movie starring the character. That’s ideally better than Suicide Squad. Much, much better.

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Suicide Squad TV Spots: Worst. Heroes. Ever.

I really just want to watch two hours of Harley Quinn. I know this makes me a fedora-wearing dick lord, but I can’t help it. If these teasers are telling me anything, though, it’s that at the very least I’m going to enjoy her in this movie.

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‘Harley Quinn’ movie coming; Margot Robbie To Produce and Star


Harley Quinn is obviously my favorite part of the Suicide Squad movie. ‘Cause she’s a total bananas babe, and I’m a fourteen year-old boy (not) deep down at all. So bring on a solo movie, bring on a solo movie with the star producing and starring.

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Art: Deadpool v Harley Quinn by Ramon Villalobos in ‘Netflix and Kill’

Netflix and Kill.

Just Ramon Villalobos. Being awesome as usual. With gorgeous inks by Frank Stone. All about this is lovely, in a murderous, homicidal sort of way.

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Cosplay: Harley Quinn from the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Harley Quinn Trailer: *Insert Quip & Juggalo Face Paint*

New ‘Suicide Squad’ pic shows how Joker got his Hot Topic Juggalo tattoos


After jump because of like, you know, spoilers.

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