FX orders “tech-world” thriller from ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Annihilation’ director Alex Garland. Don’t fuck this up for me, nerds

fx alex garland tech world thriller

Man, Alex Garland fucking rules. So, I’m all about FX ordering a thriller from the science-fiction beast. My only worry is that you fucking nerds won’t be watching it, too busy jerking off to those lame ass CW shows and Big Bang Theory and shit. Please, watch this show. I need it. And forgive me, I’m just a big touchy after Annihilation made zero dollars, and Jumanji had a thirty-three week run.

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‘Legion’ Trailer: Noah Hawley’s ‘X-Men’ spin-off twists into reality

This show is being produced by Noah Hawley. It’s on FX. It’s a tenuous X-Men spin-off. For the reasons listed before, I will watch this. Mainly because of Noah Hawley, though.

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‘Community’ writer joins with ‘Archer’ creator for new animated series


Now, this is a fucking meeting of the minds I can get behind.

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Jenny Slate and ‘Obvious Child’ director teaming up for FX pilot

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate. She’s getting a pilot on FX, teaming up once again with her Obvious Child collaborator. Which makes me say yes. Yes! Give her all the pilots.

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Del Toro’s ‘THE STRAIN’ Trailer: Vampires On A Plane!

The Strain.

Finally, we have an actual fucking trailer for Del Toro’s The Strain. And you know what?! I enjoy it! How about you?

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Patrick Bateman.

I just sort of feel like we’ve already done the whole Patrick Bateman thing on television through the lens of Dexter Morgan. I know that the metaphors aren’t the same (completely, or whatever), but I don’t really need to watch another soulless dude contemplate their own lack of humanity. Nihilism is exhausting and exhausted.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: When the Guns Come Out

Tanner Blows

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.   Two hookers try to get oxy from a crooked doctor.   The doctor only wants to part with a little, so the hookers try to use his “little part” to get a bigger share.   Then, out of the blue Tanner pops in a kills all but one of the hookers.   I know, the joke starts out strong but falls apart during the punch line.   However, this shit is Justified, where we can always go for quality stories.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: The Devil You Know

We rejoin Justified with Devil and a man named Tanner having a conversation about a meeting.   Quickly its revealed that Quarles is the man Devil is here to meet.   Quarles is working his way through the local thugs, so it was only a matter of time he got to Devil.   Quarles offers Devil a fast track to the big time.

I’ll give Quarles his due.   The man can talk.   He sells Devil on the concept of killing Boyd faster than you can blink.   Fathers in the greater Lexington area, watch your daughters, Quarles is in town and he’s about to charm the panties off them.

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THIS WEEK ON Justified: Cut Ties

We rejoin Raylan as he wakes up from a slumber that I can only assume encompasses dreams of fighting giants and satisfying women by the dozen.

When last we left Boyd he was cooling in stir.   As he walks over to Dickey, Boyd is told he has a visitor.   As the spot light is put on him, Boyd pockets the shiv and leaves the lunchroom.   Its seems Raylan saw through Boyd’s plan to get locked up to extract revenge on Dickey.   I know I’ve said it before but the reason I love the conflict between these two characters is that they will forever be polite to each other right up until someone is punched or shot.   Then, after the heat of battle, the will go right back to niceties.       I’m not sure if it’s a product of the region they were raised or if its because they grew up together, or both, but for me its one of the main reasons I like the show.

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American Horror Story: Pilot

It’s still too early to tell if American Horror Story, the new show from Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, is going to be good or a messy pile of shit. After the pilot the only thing that can be said is that it’s definitely uninhibited in a latex gimp sort of way. The direction the gimp is going to take us down is still incoherent though, the show’s pace was a little too swift to allow any real storyline to reveal itself. I thought most of the bits that were supposed to be shocking were just silly – the downs girl says “you’re gonna die” hurrr, there’s a gimp suit in the attic hurrr – but overall it was a fun, disorientating pilot that delivered some mysteries right outta the gate. And screw it, I like mysteries.

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