Scientists find that saying “fuck” and other swears can decrease pain. THEN WHY AM I ETERNALLY TORMENTED?

scientists swearing reduce pain

So, get this fucking shit! Saying swears has been shown to “reduce your experience of pain, according to a new study by Keele University researchers.” Oh man! Gimme a fuck yeah! Seriously though, now I’m vindicated every time I stub my fucking toe!

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Microsoft Confirms ‘Scalebound’ Cancellation

scalebound cancelled microsoft

Man, fuck! I was sweating Platinum Games’ next title, Scalebound. Well, lo and behold I’ll be sweating the fucking title for Eternity. Why? The son of a bitch has been cancelled.

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Mr. Fuji, WWE Hall of Fame Manager, Passes Away

mr. fuji

Fuckkk! Mr. Fuji taught me a lot as a young human being on this Blue Marble. For example. Always surround yourself with talented people. Embrace uncomfortable and potentially racist depictions of your nationality. And most importantly, if someone gets in your face, blind those pieces of shit by throwing salt in their eyes.

He will be missed.

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‘Guardians’ Trailer: Mother Russia’s Superhero Team is Beautiful Insanity

What, what the fuck is going on here. I’m in. All in.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Final Trailer: This War Is Bigger Than Everyone

So close. So close.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Images. Plus, director says movie has “controversial ending”

Civil War!

Here is a fucking SLEW of CIVIL WAR images from the latest issue of Empire. Additionally, director Anthony Russo says that the ending to the movie will be “controversial” and well — for anyone who has read Civil War, that’s foreboding as fuck.

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Views From The Space-Ship: The Red-Armed Riots of 20XX

the view view view

Welcome to the latest installment of View From The Space-Ship. A column where the denizens of the Space-Ship OMEGA can check out the various views from my compartment as we hurdle through time and space. Then if they’re so inclined, they can post their own Existences Writ Digital. It’s up to you! No worries either way (Just don’t let me down).

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‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Extended TV Spot: Excitement Assemble

Weekend Open Bar: Straight shots of the sterno!


How is it that I only had three days of work this week, and I’m fucking staggered? Could it be the Omni-Pall that has encapsulated Massachusetts? Perhaps, perchance, probably. All I know is that it’s Friday and I’m ready to hit the Open Bar. Shove aside Rendar who is bartending, reach behind the counter, find the biggest, filthiest bottle of Mind Alteration, and take a rip.

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Weekend Open Bar: From The Windows To The Walls


True story: last night the Wife and I went out to eat with an former professor of ours. I had two beers. Was completely rocked because I never drink. Got home. Ate three bagels while lå down on the coach and watching NHL Tonight. And then fell asleep. Which is to say, that’s why I haven’t opened the fucking bar yet! But here it is! Weekend Open Bar. The gathering point for the Degenerates that roam the halls of the Space-Ship Omega. Come one, come all! Hang out. Share what you’re up to this weekend. Ridicule me for being a lightweight when it comes to adult sodas! Commiserate with me about the fact that there is eighty-five hours of snowfall hitting New England.

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