Organized crime is laundering money through ‘Fortnite’ and this is the most cyberpunk thing going

fortnite money laundering

Organized crime is laundering money Fortnite, which is so fucking rad. I mean, I’m not saying money laundering is rad. But, something straight out of a Charles Stross novel going down in reality is pretty fucking wild. To this science-fiction and cyberpunk nerd.

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‘Fornite’ is coming to the Switch, cause Nintendo loves money like everyone else

fornite switch

Fornite is coming to Switch, folks. That is if you believe a recent leak. And why shouldn’t we, right? The game is a veritable printing press for money.

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‘Fortnite’ made nearly $300 million in April. Jesus fucking Christ, that’s a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers

fortnite 300 million april

Last night, I was talking to a friend about Fortnite. I really enjoy watching it being streamed, despite not playing it. He thinks it’s okay, and doesn’t really get the insanity. Well, what I told him last night has been verified today. Brian, I said. We’re like one of seven people in this world not playing the game. Fucking everyone is playing the game.

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I guess I don’t have to worry about having a rig that can play the first game running Unreal Engine 4. Phew.

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Trailers: Spike VGA Trailer Blow Out, Chat-Up. Come Inside!

I already claimed that Naughty Dog’s trailer for The Last Of Us  was one of the best trailers of all time. Inside the comments section I got lit-up like a fuckin’ Christmas tree draped in malfunctioning lights. No problem. I stick by it! But here’s a post with all the glorious debuts and trailers from last night’s Spike VGA. Let’s shoot the shit about all of them.

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