Travis Scott’s ‘Fortnite’ concert had 12.3 million concurrent viewers. Holy shit, dudes.

travis scott fortnite concert 12.3 million viewers

Listen, I’m not a huge fan of Travis Scott (though he’s got some good shit) or Fortnite. But, it’s pretty fucking cool that a virtual concert inside a game drew 12.3 million concurrent viewers. Especially in this current age, where connections are so hard to come by.

Also, the artwork for the concert was done by Alexis Ziritt, a big fave of mine.


The first showing of Travis Scott’s in-game Fortnite concert has concluded, and according to Epic Games, more than 12.3 million players logged in at once to experience it. A video posted on the musician’s YouTube channel gives a good look at what it was like, although the in-game event was considerably more interactive.

Travis Scott and Fortnite are throwing an event! Jump into Fortnite and attend one of several times between April 23rd through the 25th to experience Astronomical. Receive the Astroworld Cyclone…

The concurrent number would be a nice bump over the 10 million or so who were said to have tuned in for a Marshmello performance last year, and in a world without live concerts, present the game arena as an interesting location to host shared experiences.