Monday Morning Commute: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

monday morning commute if it bleeds

Sometimes, man. Sometimes, I just straight-up spend too much time thinking of a post title for a Monday Morning Commute, and then I spend too much time hunting the perfect image. “Perfect”, I know. I’m trash. Anyways, how are you fucking folks doing? You stellar Garbage Lords.


This guy?

Well, I’m currently pinched for time. Tomorrow I leave for the Great White North, meeting the rest of the family up there for a final service for my Nana. She sloughed the mortal coil last year, I think maybe I discussed it?, and now it’s time.

To throw Nana into the marsh behind the family home. Where her shamanistic tendencies can be unloosed, sent to interact with her fellow Reality Melters in the Gilded Plains of the OMNIVERSE.


This guy?

Well, I’m currently wasting time!

So here, without further adieu, is what I’m currently enjoying, currently looking forward to, currently sweating. Let me know what you’re up to this week!

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Netflix’s ‘Defenders’ gets new poster that’s awful, per Marvel’s unspoken edict

netflix defenders poster

Marvel ain’t in the business of good posters, folks.

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Maybe: Sigourney Weaver’s role in ‘Defenders’ confirmed

sigourney weaver defenders role

Maybe. Confirmed. Welcome to the nightmare that is the Internet of 2017. But hey, fuck me for participating in it. But hey, I’m excited for Defenders so I’m gobbling up news pertaining to the show.

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‘Defenders’ Trailer: The War For New York Is Here

Not even Finn Jones’ dumb, dumb, dumb glower as Iron Fist could derail me from being hyped by this trailer. I’m ready, ready to watch the War for New York.

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New ‘Defenders’ teaser hints at return of Elektra

defenders teaser elektra returns

Sort of lukewarm on Defenders, if I’m being honest. Luke Cage got real, real bad for me, and then Iron Fist was so terrible I didn’t even watch it. Still! Though! I’ll remain optimistic.

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‘Defenders’ viral teaser reveals show is dropping August 18, 2017

netflix defenders august 18

A viral teaser for the Defenders reveals that the show is arriving this August. The 18th, to be precise! Want to check out said teaser? Hit the jump!

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‘Defenders’ Adds Misty Knight and Karen Page; Season Will Be Eight Episodes

Marvel's Defenders

Some Defenders news collated for your ass. ‘Cause of my negligent ass. First up: the show has officially added Misty Knight and Karen Page, which we all sort of anticipated. Second up: the show’s season will run eight episodes.

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Sigourney Weaver is Netflix’s Defenders Villain

Sigourney Weaver defenders villain

Oh man! Oh man, oh man! Today at NYCC, Netflix revealed the big bad for their Defenders series. And just who is it? Motherfucking Sigourney Weaver.

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Marvel filming 60 HOUR-LONG NETFLIX EPISODES in New York

Defenders NYC

Talk about an endeavor! Marvel is intending to film sixty fucking hour-long episodes in the City of New York. That’s a lot of episodes smelling like homeless people grilling on the grates at Times Square and pizza. Naw — just kidding — snark power down! — this is a pretty impressive attempt.

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