Warner Bros. has dropped the official ‘Shazam’ logo if you care, cause like I don’t?

dc shazam movie official logo

Man, I sort of feel bad for Warner Bros. at this point. Like, I know you gotta do your thing, mind your grind, and keep attempting to make good movies. But, dropping the Shazam logo a week after the Infinity Watrailer feels like a sad measure. How about ya’ll just go quiet for a bit until Infinity War passes, and then try and capture some of the zeitgeist.

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Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusive deal with DC, holy shit. Nothing makes sense anymore

brian michael bendis dc exclusive

What the fuck? Brian Marvel Bendis is no more. The writer who sort of totally fucking *is* Marvel comics has signed an exclusive deal with DC. Honestly, I’m having a little trouble wrapping my brain around this.

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DC moving away from “shared” Marvel-style movie universe. This is actually a pretty good fucking idea.

dc moving away shared movie universe

Apparently, DC and Warner Bros. are distancing themselves from the idea of a shared movie universe for the DC movies. Honestly, this is actually a great fucking idea. As much as I love the MCU, and boy do I love it, I also love the idea of giving directors more control in bringing “their” idea of a comic book character to the screen. Like, imagine a world with an Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man, you know? Not having to sync everything up, or shoehorn in a fucking Infinity Stone, or some shit.

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‘Shazam’ is the next DC movie to film, which excites three people, and I’m happy for them

shazam dc next movie filmed

Man. Really, DC? Shazam is next? Speaks to the behind the scenes fucking chaos at Warner Brothers, right? I mean. Shazam. Not The Batman. Not The Flash. Goddamn Shazam. But, hey. Here’s hoping it’s good, and here’s hoping the aforementioned delayed projects end up kicking ass, thanks to the extra time they’ve been afforded.

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DC’s ‘Doomsday Clock’ miniseries has Superman throwing down with Dr. Manhattan

doomsday clock superman dr manhattan

I…couldn’t care less about this shit. Or rather, I would I could, because I’m vaguely annoyed by it, despite being out of the comic books game.

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DC and Warren Ellis are reviving the Wildstorm imprint in February 2017

warren ellis dc wildstorm

Warren Ellis is helping DC revive the Wildstorm imprint, which they never should have fucking canned. IMO, IMO. I’m stoked! Goddamn stoked. Yeah, this is weak copy. I’m tired. But excited. Excitired.

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Geoff Johns is now officially President of DC Entertainment

geoff johns

You know, I generally don’t like Geoff Johns. Find the dude hackneyed. But, that said, I really enjoyed all of the DCU’s showings this past weekend at SDCC. So, yeah, I’m going to go ahead and be excited about the news that he’s officially the President of DC Entertainment. Dude has helped them turn a corner. Hopefully.

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DC has unveiled the Comics and Creative Teams behind their “Rebirth” launch

all of them

Behold! These are the titles and creative teams that comprise DC’s latest (don’t call it a) relaunch.

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NBC casts Vanessa Hudgens in their DC Comics show, ‘Powerless’


Aha! So NBC and DC really are making that show together, Powerless. How do I know? Telepathy. Divination. Scrawlings in the Mud-Tombs among the Dragon Bones. This casting news.

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NBC wants to make show similar to ‘The Office’ set in the DC Universe.

the office

What did The Office always need? Outside of like, four less seasons? Obviously superheroes. Duh.

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