Warner Bros. names new Head of DC Films. New meat for the grinder, folks

warner bros names new dc films head

There’s yet another head of DC Films, my dudes. It’s the same guy who oversaw the production of hits It and The Conjuring, whatever the fuck that means to you. But. Hey dude, welcome aboard. You really can’t do any worse than your predecessors.

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Marvel and DC both in talks with Aaron Sorkin about potential movie

marvel dc aaron sorkin movie

Both Marvel Studios and DC Films are in talks with the master of the walk-and-talk, Aaron Sorkin, about a potential movie. I’m down with this, since as I suffer capes-fatigue, odd, interesting talents like this will be necessary to keep me buzzing about these bombastic bullshit tentpoles.

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie co-written by Geoff Johns; based on Zack Snyder story. Oh (dear).

Wonder Woman.

Geoff Johns co-wrote the Wonder Woman movie. I do not like Johns. But anything is up from Batman v Superman, right? Oh wait, Zack Snyder is responsible for the story? Geoff Johns. And Zack Snyder. With Allan Heinberg co-writing? I don’t know, man. I don’t know.

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‘Justice League’ Official Logo and Plot Details! For You Three Who Are Optimistic!

Justice League

Here’s some Justice League details. I swear it, I swear it unless this movie gets good reviews I’m going to take a stand and only see it once. Only once! Get it? A, uh, lame joke, cause it was sounding like I was actually going to skip it, but I’m worthless.

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‘Wonder Woman’ is first $100 Million movie to be directed by a woman

Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is a milestone movie, as it marks the first flick of any kind to run $100 million and have a female director.

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Geoff Johns wants DC Movies to have “Hope and Optimism” going forward

geoff johns

One day into his reign as the creative head of DC Films, and Geoff Johns has already garnered more trust from me than in all the dark, dark days of Snyder running the show combined. I mean, it may blow up in my face. But so far, dude is saying all the right things.

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‘Batman v Superman’ International Trailer: *Even* *More* *Intensity*

‘Suicide Squad 2’ planned for 2017 with Ayer and Smith returning

Suicide Squad Poster

I’m pretty excited for Suicide Squad. The latest trailer hooked me, with an irreverence and playfulness that I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t realize I was silently wanting. That said, I enjoyed the Man of Steel trailer. So what the fuck do I know/what the fuck can you really gleam from a trailer? None the less, the film is getting a sequel. With the director and Fresh Prince returning.

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‘Suicide Squad’ Poster: The Whole Motley Crew of Scum and Villainy