Watch: Super-Cut showcases 50 Years of Comic Book Movies

There’s been a considerable amount of comic book movies released. Each year, these beasts multiply exponentially, consuming more mental bandwidth and pop culture psyche. Here is a super-cut celebrating fifty-years of comic book moviegoing madness.

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Geoff Johns is now officially President of DC Entertainment

geoff johns

You know, I generally don’t like Geoff Johns. Find the dude hackneyed. But, that said, I really enjoyed all of the DCU’s showings this past weekend at SDCC. So, yeah, I’m going to go ahead and be excited about the news that he’s officially the President of DC Entertainment. Dude has helped them turn a corner. Hopefully.

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‘Batman – The Telltale Series’ arriving digitally in August; physical copies September 13


This reminds me, I need to finish Tales From The Borderlands.

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Geoff Johns in charge of DC Films Division in wake of ‘Batman v Superman’ reaction

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

The good news: Warner Bros. realizes they need to shake things up in their DC Films division. The bad news: they’ve chosen Geoff Johns (and Jon Berg). The good news: it can’t be any worse. The bad news: I’m not sure how much better it can get under his (their) stewardship.

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WB Games Montreal working on two new DC Comics games

Justice League.

I didn’t fuck with Batman: Arkham Origins, because I heard it wasn’t that special. Was this due to its developer? I sort of hope not, since said development team is now in charge of two games based on DC comics.

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WB officially announces ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie at SDCC

Green Lantern COrpsz

Looks like we are getting a Green Lantern movie chockfull of Green Lanterns. Such was the rumor as of late, and such has been revealed to be true! Today at SDCC, WB confirmed the film.

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DC Comics announces new marketing campaign, “DC You” to spotlight diversity in creators, stories, and characters


While I don’t really fuck with DC on the norm, I’m digging their upcoming push of diverse creators, characters, and talent. Their post-Convergence line-up is bringing fresh faces both fictionally and creatively, and I’m excited to actually get back into their Universe. I mean, I’ll check out anything Gene Luen Yang is writing, or Annie Wu is drawing. So I’m sold.

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New ‘BATMAN’ Game Is Prequel To ‘ARKHAM ASYLUM’, Features Justice League.

The next Batty-Man video game is going to be all up in the prequel bidness. Not only that, Flying Rodent Fans, it is also going to feature the Justice League.

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