Fox hints at more ‘X-Files’ coming in 2017-18


More X-Files! I didn’t fuck with the mini-series this year, but I know several people who did. It was uneven? I guess? That’s my takeaway. I’m content to let my old school X-periences (HAHAHAHA, I’m the worst!) stand on their own. But for those who dug into the mini-series, I imagine this is good news.

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‘X-Files’ Teaser: Are We Being Lied To?

New ‘X-Files’ Trailer: They’re Coming (Back)!

New ‘X-Files’ Poster: The Truth Still Lurks, Man

First ‘X-Files’ Teaser: I Want To Believe

Watch: New ‘X-Files’ footage courtesy of TV show marathon promo

The ‘X-Files’ relaunch coming Sunday, January 24


Whelp. I now offiically know how long I have to catch-up Mrs. Caffeine Powered on the glory of the X-Files before it returns to air. Can’t wait! Can’t wait.

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NBC goes Netflix: All of David Duchovny’s new show will available day-one

foawx muldah

NBC is realizing what Netflix already has: we are a nation-state of empty souls looking for hours upon hours of entertainment. If you drop it, we will binge it. So they’re dropping all of David Duchovny’s new show. Day-one.

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Confirmed: ‘X-Files’ returning for six-part joyride


Can I get a Hell Yeah! The X-Files is returning, and dammit I think it is returning in proper form. Not some bloated, twenty-four episode run around the old park. Instead a terse, theoretically-focused revival of the series.

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‘X-Files’ revival is close to happening; two-season order get!


The Powers That Be are closing in on a two-season revival of one of my favorite goddamn shows of all time.

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