NBC goes Netflix: All of David Duchovny’s new show will available day-one

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NBC is realizing what Netflix already has: we are a nation-state of empty souls looking for hours upon hours of entertainment. If you drop it, we will binge it. So they’re dropping all of David Duchovny’s new show. Day-one.

The Verge:

As Netflix becomes more like traditional TV networks by commissioning its own shows, traditional TV networks are taking cues from Netflix. NBC today announced that it is making all 13 episodes of its new 1960s-set police drama Aquarius available to watch online after the show’s premiere on May 28th, aping the binge-watch-friendly model the streaming service has used for shows such as Arrested Development and Orange Is The New Black.

The entire season of the show — which features X-Files star David Duchovny as a detective looking into the activities of the Manson family in 1967 — will become available on NBC.com and via the network’s app, in addition to cable VOD platforms, shortly after the first episode airs on TV. NBC has only opened the show to limited advertisers, meaning people who choose to watch the show online won’t be bombarded with more ads than they would watching it on cable.