Chris Evans returning as Captain America in the MCU. That was quick, but I’ll take it

chris evans returning to mcu captain america

Chris Evans has gone full Jay-Z, apparently. Announcing his retirement as Captain America, only to return to the MCU quick as fuck. Hey, I’ll take it. As well, I imagine it won’t be hard to write his ass back into continuity with the MCU going full Multiverse

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Rob Liefeld shared an image of John Cena as his famous Captain America and its fucking blessed

rob liefeld john cena cap america

Everyone knows Rob Liefeld’s classic Captain America image. Even if they don’t know Rob Liefeld, they know. That’s because it’s fucking amazing. Now, Liefeld has shared an image of John Cena in that classic image, responding to rumors that Cena may play Rogers. Granted, the rumor is baseless, but the image is classic.

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Chris Evans pretty much announces he’s done playing Captain America after wrapping ‘Avengers 4’, and I weep so fucking hard

chris evans avengers 4 cap

I don’t want Cap to go, man. But, if Chris Evans’ Tweet after finishing Avengers 4 reshoots is any indication, he is indeed.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing ‘Captain America’ starting on the Fourth of July and I don’t know what to think

ta nehisi coates writing captain america july 4

Yo, I don’t know what to make of this. I love Ta-Nehisi Coates’ prose. I didn’t love his run on Black Panther. And putting him on Captain America? Seems equal parts intriguing and intentionally provocative. What does this add all up to? Me confusingly buying the first issue at the very least.

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Chris Evans Open To Playing Captain America After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

chris evans open to captain america after avengers 4

Will Chris Evans play Captain America after Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel? Well, his contract is up. Well, who knows if his character will live through the movies. Well, despite those two factors, the actor said he’s open to it.

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Chris Evans Ready To Be Done With Captain America After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

chris evans done with captain america avengers infinity war

Chris Evans is in the middle of a fucking year-long grind of a movie shoot for Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel. So, I don’t blame the guy for being ready to slough off the mantle of Cap, after fulfilling his contract with these two movies. He’s tired, I’m tired for him. And plus, I mean, it’s time for Bucky to wield the shield at least for a bit. Right? Right! Right?

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Kevin Feige: ‘Captain America’ Movies Do Not Need To Star Steve Rogers

kevin feige steve rogers captain america

Kevin Feige has stated the obvious. A Captain America movie does not need to star Steve Rogers. This seems exceptionally obvious to me as a man who realizes that Bucky is the Best Captain America Ever.

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Black Panther’s suit in Captain America: Civil War was Pure CG


Man, Black Panther’s suit in Captain America: Civil War was awesome. Indubitably. But man, you know what? It was even more awesome than I realized. ‘Cause that motherfucker was straight CG. In every goddamn scene. Every goddamn scene! I had no idea, and I imagine not many other people did too.

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Watch: Black Panther and Black Widow exchange quips in deleted ‘Civil War’ scene

Captain America: Civil War needed more Black Panther. It needed *way, way more* Black Panther. Okay, maybe I would have just preferred a Black Panther movie.

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Steve Rogers isn’t Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore


Rogers dropping that shield in Captain America: Civl War was more than symbolic, I guess. He was also dropping the mantle. For now, I suppose. I mean. Right? If dude ain’t slinging shield by the end of Avengers 4, let alone Infinity War, I will be shocked.

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