Jared Leto has joined ‘Blade Runner 2’ in “Key Role”

The Joker

One of the saddest things about Jared Leto sucking in Suicide Squad and seeming to be a complete dildo in real life is that he’s got some serious acting chops. Here’s hoping his performance in Blade Runner 2 helps us forget the former, and appreciate the latter.

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‘Blade Runner’ Sequel casts Mackenzie Davis (‘Halt and Catch Fire’)

Mackenzie Davis

MORE LIKE HALT AND CATCH REPLICANTS, RIGHT? Please, please forgive me. My brain is withered, and all my former-future-children laugh at me from my belly.

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‘Blade Runner 2’ releasing earlier; has cast Sylvia Hoeks in leading role

Blade Runner.

Psyched for Blade Runner 2. Psyched it’s getting released earlier. Don’t know Sylvia Hoeks but I’m psyched she has been cast. ‘Cause why break the streak?

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Dave Bautista teases ‘Blade Runner 2’ role with classic reference


Bro. Drax The Destroyer is up in Blade Runner 2? I fuck with it. But I’ll stop fronting: I’m down for anything Blade Runner 2 until its proven that it sucks. Which, for me, given the director, and the cast, will have to be in the theater.

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‘Blade Runner’ Sequel adds Robin Wright to its cast

Robin Wright.

Robin Wright. Nice. Blade Runner. Nice. Double-Plus-Nice.

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Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2’ arriving January 12, 2018

Blade Runner.

Apparently it’s a day of release date announcements for sequels I’m sweating. First John Wick: The Wick and the Dead gets a date, now Blade Runner 2.

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Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2’ starring Gosling and Ford is filming in July

Blade Runner.

I will watch anything that Denis Villeneuve does. SicarioEnemy, and Prisoners are my fucking shiiittt!!! So, having him on-board gets me excited for any project, and it *at least* assuages my trepidation about a Blade Runner sequel. A bit.

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Ryan Gosling confirms he is in ‘Blade Runner 2’

Ryan Gosling.

We don’t need Blade Runner 2. But really, we seldom need a sequel. So instead I’m going to focus on the positive aspects of Blade Runner 2. Cyberpunk. Denis Villeneuve. Ryan Gosling.

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Roger Deakins: ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel will be a standalone

smile time

Cinematographer Roger Deakins is going to be rocking the Blade Runner sequel, and the world will be better for it. Recently Deakins was talking about the film, and revealed that the movie will be a standalone movie.

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Run The Jewels goes ‘Blade Runner’ for Fall Tour Poster.


This is, objectively, the dopest thing ever. It almost, *almost* makes up for the fact that they’re not coming to Boston for their Fall Tour.