‘Black Widow’ delayed until July 9 and will now drop on Disney+ the same day. This saga never fucking ends!

disney black widow july disney plus same day

Whelp, Black Widow has been delayed. Again! But it feels like the last fucking time. For two reasons. First, the House of Mouse has shoved the son of a bitch back until July. This gives pretty much everyone who wants a vaccine an opportunity to get one before then (lord willing, I know). Second, the company is going to be dropping it the same day on Disney+ for a premium fee.

How do you fucks feel about this? Me? I’m stoked. If I’m not fully vaccinated by July 9, I’ll be living in the woods and eating my own turd. As well, this shit opens the opportunity for anyone not fucking with the theaters to see it at the same time. We call that shit a win/win, comrades.

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Disney is still planning to release ‘Black Widow’ in theaters. Bless their naive hearts!

disney still releasing black widow in theaters

On an investors call, Disney reiterated their stance that Black Widows is coming to theaters. At the same time, they copped to the fact that they’re monitoring the situation. Yeah, okay. Like, god bless their sweet hearts. If this shit is coming to theaters, I have a hard time believing it’ll be in May. Who fucking knows. My preference? Man, I’d love to see it in theaters. But I don’t see that happening if they insist on dropping it in a mere three months.

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Top Disney investor urges company to drop ‘Black Widow’ on streaming. Yes, give us that shit!

disney investor black widow streaming

A top Disney investor is totally tickling my balls with their latest plea. Bro wants the company to drop Black Widow on streaming, and it makes all the sense in the world to me. Why? Cause I fucking want it! But, also? Cause we have no idea when this shit is ending.

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‘Black Widow’ Trailer: The MCU’s preeminent Asian actress gets a second trailer for her solo movie

Get it! ‘Cause Scarlett Johansson was all, “Yeah I don’t see a problem with me playing an Asian” on like multiple occasions? Seriously though, this movie looks fun.

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‘Black Widow’ Trailer: Oh hey shit this movie seems to have some dope action!

I was pretty whatever for about the first half-minute of this Black Widow trailer. But, then it gave me something that very, very few MCU movies do. Dope action! So, now I got high hopes. What a fucking reversal. What a twist.

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Robert Downey Jr is returning for the ‘Black Widow’ movie. Bro, what?

robert downey jr black widow movie

RDJ! He’s returning for the Black Widow movie. It’s a weird take, if you ask me. Like, haven’t we been asked to grieve already? Now they’re both back. I know, I know. It’s a fucking prequel. But still.

Part of me wants to be like, Feige is pooping now that Spider-Man is gone. However, the other part of me? Feels like they wouldn’t shoehorn it in. Thoughts?

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‘Black Widow’ is arriving May 1, 2020 and features Florence Pugh, David Harbour, and Rachel Weisz among cast

black widow 2020

We all knew Black Widow was probably the next MCU flick! But, last night it was confirmed! Got a pretty sick cast, too. As well, I’m especially stoked, since it seems like they’re setting up Florence Pugh to take the mantle.

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Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ standalone movie is totally finally happening seriously

marvel black widow movie jac schaeffer

Marvel’s Black Widow movie is finally happening. Seriously. No, seriously. It’s got a screenwriter and everything!

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‘Avengers 4’ sees Hawkeye and Maybe Black Window with new, edgy looks. Post-Apocalypse Movie?

avengers 4 hawkeye black window new looks

Speculation: Avengers 4 is some post-apocalyptic Avengers set in a world where Thanos wins, and like, the movie is about defeating Thanos and using the time cube to reset back to a lesser destroyed world? It would explain Renner’s extreme Mohawk/Ultimates look I guess, and apparently Black Widow is going to be bald. Edgy! Post-apocalyptic!

I’m calling it.

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Watch: Black Panther and Black Widow exchange quips in deleted ‘Civil War’ scene

Captain America: Civil War needed more Black Panther. It needed *way, way more* Black Panther. Okay, maybe I would have just preferred a Black Panther movie.

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