‘Avengers 4’ sees Hawkeye and Maybe Black Window with new, edgy looks. Post-Apocalypse Movie?

avengers 4 hawkeye black window new looks

Speculation: Avengers 4 is some post-apocalyptic Avengers set in a world where Thanos wins, and like, the movie is about defeating Thanos and using the time cube to reset back to a lesser destroyed world? It would explain Renner’s extreme Mohawk/Ultimates look I guess, and apparently Black Widow is going to be bald. Edgy! Post-apocalyptic!

I’m calling it.


Jeremy Renner shared a photo from the set on Instagram, indicating Hawkeye might have gotten a shearing in between Infinity War and Avengers 4.

Meanwhile, Omega Underground has uncovered a casting call for the film’s shoot in Japan. Based on the description, it sounds like the Russo’s are looking for a stand-in for Scarlett Johannson, who was also recently spotted ahead of filming with a new, shorter hairdo. I’m glad the Avengers seemingly had time between duking it out with Thanos to go get some haircuts!

-Experienced Stand-In

-Woman Who Appears Caucasian (5’10-6’0)

-Very Short Hair or Bald

-Shooting overnight on August 16