City-sized neutron star is blocking the view of our galaxy’s black hole. Bro, move!

city sized star black hole

Not cool, city-sized star. While I appreciate an ultra-dense neutron star the size of Manhattan, I’d also like us to be able to check out our own black hole.

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Behold the first image of a Supermassive Black Hole. My word, the future is dope!

first image black hole

Yo! We got it, friends. The first image of a black hole. Space continues to be metal as fuck, and we continue to plunder its secrets.

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Astronomers Will Try To Take First Picture of Black Hole Next Year

astronomers black hole picture

Next year, astronomers are going to attempt to take the first picture of a black hole. Like, ever. Insert all the easy jokes, then pray they pull it off.

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Astronomers find a Massive Black Hole that’s Gone Rogue

black hole gone rogue

Black Holes are, simply put, nothing to fuck with. So you can imagine the terror of a wandering Black Hole, that’s meandering about in the fucking cosmos. A Black Hole (capitalized intentionally, to shock and awe) that is 100,000 times the mass of our star.

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PHOTO: Black Hole EATING A Star Is Cosmo Destruction Bliss

Bask in the destructive beauty of the cosmos. We go about our daily lives not really contemplating the sheer magnitude of the fury that the Universe can unleash. Right here is a black hole devouring the shit out of a star.

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Hubble Image Of A Black Hole TEARING Apart A Star. So Good.

Enlarge. | Via.

That vague picture above is a poor rendition of something that is probably beyond the comprehension of our fat simian grey matter. It’s a black hole literally tearing apart a star.

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