James Cameron: ‘Avatar 2’ dropping Christmas 2017

Avatar sucks

James Cameron is looking around this week and seeing a movie beginning to legitimately challenge his shitty Runs With Blue Wolves flick for box office records. And, dammit, while I ain’t psychic, I have to imagine that’s why he’s injecting some Avatar news into the Pop Psyche.

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THREE ‘AVATAR’ SEQUELS are coming. MEDIOCRITY IN DROVES starting in 2016.


What’s worse than one Avatar sequel? Why, three! James Cameron has hired a legion of writers to help pumping out scripts for the three movies. Nothing says inspiration like churning out a factory of mediocre scripts from a variety of people! Jimmy Cameron must really be feeling this Pandora adventure. Or three!

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James Cameron: ‘AVATAR 4’ is going to be a prequel. Humanity: Oh f**k you.

Man, Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 were garbage. Garbage! Jimmy Cameron doesn’t care though, and he is already running his mouth about the fourth title. Shit. Pause that record. Jimmy hasn’t even broken ground on the second flick, and he is already talking about Avatar 4: Back in the Days? Let us never say he lacked hubris.

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Producer: ‘AVATAR 4’ won’t be part of back-to-back filming. OH NO.

The hardest part about so much time passing between these Avatar movies is finding people still willing to dress up blue and fuck me with their tails. It was the hot shit at first. People were doing it in droves. Now that time has passed? Shit me. Whole scene has dried up like a successfully strip mined Pandora. Get it? That was the name of the dumb world, right?

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James Cameron Teasing ‘AVATAR 4’, Done Developing Other Projects.

I wish that James Cameron would keep doing awesome things like going to the deepest point in the ocean and planning to mine the shit out of space rocks. This would keep me from having to contemplate the salt-and-peppered bastard as a movie maker, which quickly gets my Hulk going.

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