James Cameron: ‘Avatar 2’ dropping Christmas 2017

Avatar sucks

James Cameron is looking around this week and seeing a movie beginning to legitimately challenge his shitty Runs With Blue Wolves flick for box office records. And, dammit, while I ain’t psychic, I have to imagine that’s why he’s injecting some Avatar news into the Pop Psyche.


James Cameron has confirmed he hopes to release the long-discussed sequel to “Avatar” at Christmas 2017.

“Christmas of ’17 is the target,” the director told the Montreal Gazette. “At least, that’s what we’ve announced. But I don’t consider that to be as important as the fact that when we get all three films done, we drop them a year apart. I call it a meta-narrative that runs across the three movies. Each film stands alone, but it also tells one much larger story.”

Cameron, who will shoot “Avatar 2″ and its two sequels back to back, said earlier this month he hopes to prove the record-smashing performance of the 2009 original — it’s the highest-grossing film of all time — was no accident.

“Obviously, expectations are going to be very high on these films, especially on ‘Avatar 2,’ to make sure it wasn’t just some big fluke the first time,” he said. “So we’ve got to deliver. I’ve created a nice rod for my own back, so they say.”