PlayStation VR Bundle will run $500, pre-orders next Tuesday

PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation VR bundle is going to run $500, but it’s actually a good goddamn deal. Good enough to get me to adopt a technology I don’t really want, and quietly fear? No. But for anyone looking to get into the game, it seems well-priced as fuck.

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‘Oculus Rift’ costs $600, will begin shipping March 28

Oculus-Rift. (1)

Phew! I was worried I was going to impulse buy an Oculus Rift. Would have really cheesed off my wife, and probably not been used very much. Well! The price for the rig has been revealed to be $600, which makes it even too rich for my economically irresponsible ass (for the moment).

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Apple bought the company who helped with ‘Star Wars’ motion capture

Star Wars.

Apple seems to be fancying themselves some augmented reality! I mean, they probably fancy something everything technological. But still. The company has bought Faceshift, which is a group that helped out on Star Wars‘ motion capture. Now it’s just a matter of time before they unleash iReality on the world.

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Oculus Rift going to cost more than $350 when it ships

It ain’t going to be cheap getting into the Metaverse, friends. But then again, who suspected it would be? The Rift is coming, it’s launching (soon), and it is pricing itself out of the range of the casual folk. Which is to be expected at first, right?

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Finished Oculus Rift hitting shelves first quarter next year

Oculus Rift.

Finally! We know a pseudo-date for when we will be able to buy our Oculus Rifts. Don our haptic bodysuits. And bang one another in a virtual bathrub while the Kool-Aid man urinates delicious drink all over us! Next year!

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Microsoft reveals the HoloLens, their stab at an augmented reality headset


‘Cause everybody is down with a fucking virtual-reality-augmented-reality-altered-reality-something-reality headset of their own these days. Microsoft’s iteration is more holodeck than it is virtual reality. And like Oculus Rift and all the others it seems cool enough, yeah, okay, but I’m not dying to own one.

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Neal Stephenson joins augmented-reality company as “Chief Futurist.”

Neal Stephenson.

MAKE MINE SNOW CRASH, YA FUCKS! Neal Stephenson has joined an augmented-reality company as their fucking Chief Futurist. And it doesn’t lead to me hanging out in the Black Sun, it’s a colossal fucking disappointment.

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Google Glass returning in 2015 with Intel powerin’ its guts

Google Glass

Google Glass! You poor sack of shit! You were cool for like nine minutes! But then Oculus Rift rolled up and nabbed the attention you were garnering. Pulled down your pants, dismissively flicked your beans, and then stole your bae. But apparently you ain’t taking this laying-lying-laying down. No! You sure ain’t, and 2015 is going to be your year. With your buddy Intel helpin’ out.

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XBOX 720: Details spilled in XBOX WORLD. If so, I’m sprung with tech-lust.

I could say I understand the jist of these new details, but I’m just like “oh shit new Xbox details. I don’t understand them with my fat brain, but I know I want it.” Do you understand these details? Are you excited like me? It’s a cucumber in my pants, chill out.

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WATCH: First Video From Google’s Glasses. Unremarkable++

Here’s the first video from Google’s glasses. Pretty unremarkable stuff, right? This isn’t the augmented future I was promised! Patience, Caff. Patience.

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