Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in sixth ‘Terminator’ movie because hey rehash refry into eternity

arnold sixth terminator movie starring

Arnold Schwarzenegger, no longer a marketable star, will return for the sixth Terminator movie, no longer a marketable franchise. That said — here’s hoping somehow, someway, it fucking rules.

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Next ‘Terminator’ Movie Cancelled, Arnold Schwarzenegger Done With Franchise

terminator movie cancelled arnold schwarzenegger gone

Wait for it. The next Terminator movie has been…Wait. Wait. Wait. Terminated! Fuck, fuck I hate myself. And, should the franchise ever come back, it will be without Schwarzenegger.

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Watch: Every explosion in every Schwarzenegger movie. Ever. Overkill Supercut++

‘Terminator Genisys’ Poster: Aflame with alternate continuity

‘Maggie’ Official Trailer: Schwarzenegger walks The Road

‘Terminator: Genisys’ Super Bowl Trailer: Everything’s Changed & Nothing’s Changed

Well. Fuck. I actually dig this Super Bowl spot for Terminator: Genisys. Could this be this year’s Days of Future Past? A movie I wrote off as definitive raw ass before seeing it, only to double back and really enjoy it?

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Schwarzenegger announces ‘Terminator 5’ is officially titled ‘Terminator Genisys’ lol okay


Movie titles don’t fucking matter if the movie is good. That’s an empirical fact. Stated by Einstein. Verified by Oppenheimer. But man, still. Termintor Genisys? Amazing.

Details after the jump.

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FIFTH ‘TERMINATOR’ is a REBOOT dropping June 26, 2015

The Terminator.

The fifth Terminator flick is coming! Is anyone excited for this movie? No? Well, how about this! What if I told you it was a reboot? Eh? We all fucking love those! Wee!

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The Rock.

It is no secret that I am a fan of The Rock. Let the tattoo of his perfect porcelain smile on my left ass cheek remind you. Let the burn-in of his Greatest Hits DVD on my plasma screen remind you. So fuck yeah, I am totally in line with giving the dude a role in the fifth Terminator movie.

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The Terminator.

Arnie Schwarz is in talks for a major role in the Toxic Avenger remake, though it ain’t for the titular one. Bummer. Homeboy looks particularly monstrous and melty since his return to the big screen.I would have loved to see him parlay that into a role as the toxic freakshow.

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