OL Squad’s FAVORITES OF 2018 Discussion Post! Come hang!

ol squad favorites 2018

Anyone who has been around OL for a good amount of time (coming up on ten fucking years) knows that I absolutely abhor fucking “best of lists” with a fury. They’re divisive, inflammatory, and lead to bickering and bitching. That said, anyone who has been around OL for a good amount of time also knows that I love cultivating a community wherein we can share dope shit. With that preposterously verbose preamble in mind, I’d like for us to gather and share our Favorites of 2018.

The fashion and function of this motherfucker is to share what we really, really enjoyed this year. As a means to reminisce and share your faves with people who have potentially missed these sweet, sweet thangs. Additionally, it’s a space for others to share their fucking faves that you may have missed. I by no means consider myself to have good taste or particularly incisive insight (especially since I’m rushing to get this out before NYE dinner), so take or leave this list! But, please, please share what you’ve enjoyed in the comments.

There were my favorites of 2018.

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Monday Morning Commute: It Never Answers Back

monday morning commute it never answers back

How are you folks doing? I know it’s been quiet around here. Sure, there’s the occasional pop-culture kernel that I’m interested in enough to share. As well, there’s the Facebook page, which seems to have struck ground as an enjoyable repository for said kernels and infinite memes. And finally, yeah, we do stream every weekend on Twitch. But around here, man. The hub. It’s been quiet. At first, I wasn’t sure why it was so hard to maintain the grease on the perpetual-engine at the center of the Space-Ship Omega, but then I remembered.

We’re all just sort of busy.

Rendar’s got two jobs. Bateman’s got, I’m not really sure how many jobs. I oscillate between teaching four classes and one class depending on the semester, and I’m always tutoring 30+ students a week. Compliment that with a commute which is generally one-and-a-half-hours each way every day, and well. I’m fucking tired, man.

All of this is a meandering preamble to serve as both an acknowledgement that it’s quiet around here, an apology for said quiet, a paean for the older days, a notice that I miss you folks, and a reasoning for why things can get so quiet.

I hope you’re well. I hope you’re still here, even if you’re lurking. And if you’re not, eh, I can’t blame you. Entropy claims everything.

But, I’m here now, dudes! I’m here now, with yet another tardy Monday Morning Commute. It’s the gabfest where I share what I’m looking forward to in a given week! So, without further ado, here’s what I’m sweating!

I hope you’ll join me in the comments section!

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Weekend Open Bar: Go Ahead and Smile

weekend open bar go ahead and smile

It’s the weekend, friends. The fucking weekend, friends! Man, I don’t know how a shortened week felt so fucking long, but here I am. Basking in the freedom of two days of adolescent debauchery with a grown-up bank account. And if you’re reading this, you’re here too! By chance or by intention, you’re fucking here too! At the Weekend Open Bar! So now that I got you, so now that you’re here, let’s hang out!

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‘Annihilation’ Trailer: I Need To Know What’s Inside (Alex Garland’s Next Movie)

First official trailer for the next Alex Garland movie, Annihilation, has dropped. The flick is based off of the Jeff VanderMeer book of the same name, which I have not read. So, the trailer seems pretty dope, but, and I’m happy about this, I really have no idea what the fuck is going on.

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Oscar Isaac reteaming with ‘Ex Machina’ director for ‘Annihilation’

Oscar Isaac

So. The cast for Alex Garland’s Annihilation continues to swell in its awesomeness. The film has picked up Oscar Isaac, who collaborated with Garland on the director’s previous movie, the fucking gnarly Ex Machina.

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Alex Garland’s sci-fi adaptation ‘Annihilation’ casts Tessa Thompson (‘Creed’)

Tessa Thompson

Man! I haven’t read Annihilation. Our own Johnny Hotsauce was (I think) lukewarm about the novel. But fuck, I can’t help but get excited for the adaptation. I mean: Alex Garland! Tessa Thompson! Natalie Portman! Gina Rodriguez! Sign me up.

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Alex Garland’s (‘Ex Machina’) next movie is ‘Annihilation’, starring Natalie Portman

yes plz

Fuck yeah! Alex Garland’s Ex Machina is my fave of the year so far. Admittedly, I have seen very little. But even still. So seeing the guy get more work is a fucking boon, especially as we are more and more adrift in a monoculture homogenous stew that’s beginning to depress even this thick foreheaded fanboy numbskull.

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