Weekend Open Bar: Go Ahead and Smile

weekend open bar go ahead and smile

It’s the weekend, friends. The fucking weekend, friends! Man, I don’t know how a shortened week felt so fucking long, but here I am. Basking in the freedom of two days of adolescent debauchery with a grown-up bank account. And if you’re reading this, you’re here too! By chance or by intention, you’re fucking here too! At the Weekend Open Bar! So now that I got you, so now that you’re here, let’s hang out!

Here at the Open Bar, the various denizens and degenerates that populate the Space-Ship OMEGA (both permanent residents and transients) spend the weekend shooting the shit. Sharing what we’re up to! Be it watching bad dragon porn (don’t google it), reading The Left Hand of Darkness (seriously, read it), or playing World of Warcraft: Legion (someone save me). Anything and everything goes, so long as it’s done following the official mantra of OL:

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

With that said, with that established, with that out of the way, what the fuck are you folks up to?