‘Alien’ TV series coming from ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’ showrunner Noah Hawley. Gimme a fuck yes!

alien tv show noah hawley

Man, I love me some Fargo creator Noah Hawley. Especially what dude is capable of doing longform on television. Which means I have a bulge you can rub, a bulge that is inspired by the news that Hawley is helming an Alien TV series. Let’s go!

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Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ TV series is heading to Hulu. I’d prefer it to head to Hell

ridley scott alien tv series hulu

Well, fuck. Ridley Scott’s still on Alien bullshit. Apparently, dude is bringing a TV series to Hulu. After the last two installments, I’d prefer he launch it into the fucking sun.

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OmegaPlays: The Messenger Part 2: Forget the Facehugger, it’s the Butthugger’s Time

Oh, it’s a wild one! With a good portion of the Space-Ship Omega crew checking in. What do we got going on in here? Playing The Messenger. Brainstorming a new creature for Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. The butthugger. Which induces death by stimulating the prostate. Ian tells people who like Gladiator to grow up. Other trash. Join us!

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Ridley Scott Has Six More ‘Alien’ Movies In Him, May Begin Filming Sequel Next Year


Ridley Scott ain’t slowing down with the Alien franchise, if he’s to be believed. Not even close, breh. Dude says he has six more movies in him. Next one? Starting filming next year.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer: New Planet, Same Chest-Bursting Results

Here’s the Alien: Covenant trailer. A movie that seems to tenuously be connected to the movie Prometheus through the Magneto-Android, and is in every other right just an Alien flick. Which is a good thing for most people. Cause me? After seeing the trailer? I’m excited.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Adds James Franco To Its (Bursting?) Cast

alien covenant james franco

James Franco has officially been added to the cast of Alien: Covenant. I’m a fan of Franco (for the most part) and the Alien franchise (for the most part)!

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Neill Blomkamp reveales ‘Alien 5’ pulse rifle. Get hyped.

We all knew there would be pulse rifles. Obviously. Now with added RIS

A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

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Well! Blomkamp’s Alien movie = direct sequel to ‘Aliens’


Neilllllll Blomkamp’s Alien movie gets more and more interesting. From pitch, to wet dream, to reality, to direct sequel to Aliens? Aiight.

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Confirmed: Neill Blomkamp’s next movie is his take on the ‘Alien’ franchise


What a difference a week makes. We’ve gone from Neill Blomkamp being all like “Fox would let me make that Alien flick I pitched” to Neill Blomkamp…making that Alien flick he pitched. Dope!

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H.R. Giger, genius behind ‘ALIEN’ designs and more, has passed away

H.R. Giger.

Even if you don’t know H.R. Giger, you totally fucking know Giger. The dude and his brilliant designs have infiltrated the pop culture psyche, and we are all the better for it. Unfortunately, the Good Sir has sloughed off his pesky mortal coil.

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