‘Alien: Covenant’ Cast Revealed In Official Photo Aboard The Ship

alien covenant cast

Call me a sucker ass sucker (sucker ass sucker!), but I’m naively optimistic for Alien: Covenant.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer: New Planet, Same Chest-Bursting Results

Here’s the Alien: Covenant trailer. A movie that seems to tenuously be connected to the movie Prometheus through the Magneto-Android, and is in every other right just an Alien flick. Which is a good thing for most people. Cause me? After seeing the trailer? I’m excited.

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New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Photos Show Off Ford, Gosling, Cyberpunk Aesthetics

blade runner 2049 photos

Entertainment Week has hit us off the tits with a collection of Blade Runner 2049 photos. And. I’m in, baby. I’m all in. I’ve been in. I’m still in. Can you feel me? In?

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Photo: Katherine Waterston Goes Full-Tilt Ripley

alien covenant photo katherine waterston ripley

Here’s a photo from the upcoming Alien: Covenant. You can see Katherine Waterston striking her best Ripley pose, and while it may be just homage, here’s hoping its indicative of the quality of the movie. How is that for a fucking leap?! Impressed?! Feel these goddamn calves!

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‘Alien: Covenant’ First Look: Nouveau Ripley Got Nowhere To Run

Ridley Scott reveals ‘Prometheus’ sequel is titled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’

‘The Martian’ TV Spot: The Many Ways Mars Can Kill You

‘The Martian’ Official Trailer #2: In Your Face, Neil Armstrong!

First Look: Matt Damon as astronaut in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ adaptation

‘Blade Runner’ sequel being helmed by Denis Villeneuve, director of ‘Enemy’ and ‘Prisoners’


Call me a replicant and send me to work in the Salt Mines upon Planet Priapism. With one gnarly directorial acquisition the people behind Blade Runner 2: Han Solo’s Revenge have gotten me to care about the movie.

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