Ridley Scott reveals ‘Prometheus’ sequel is titled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’



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Well, this is a headscratcher. It was just this week that Ridley Scott said his new “Prometheus” series would only connect with “Alien” by the third or fourth film. Now, muddying the waters, he’s revealed the title for the followup, and frankly, this is all just getting a little too confusing.

HeyUGuys sat down with the director, who seems to be giving up choice quotes at every press stop, and he revealed that the title for the “Prometheus” sequel is: “Alien: Paradise Lost.” So, just to make this clear, this movie has ‘Alien’ in the title even though it doesn’t technically connect to the actual series in any concrete way. Though Scott makes clear that yes, the nod to Milton is intentional, which makes sense given the story’s thrust of searching for the Engineers.