Paolo Rivera’s killer art for ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’

Paolo Rivera Killing It.

The nauseatingly talented (and handsome) Paolo Rivera has whipped up some glorious artwork for next week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD. It’s as dope as you’d expect, am I right?

Hit the jump for more details about the art, and the episode.

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Paolo Rivera crushes ‘THE WINTER SOLDIER’ movie poster

The Winter Soldier.

There ain’t enough Paolo Rivera artwork in the world, friends. There simply ain’t. Thankfully, the good sir continues to give. His latest little morsel is a poster for The Winter Soldier.

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Watch: Paolo Rivera draws a ‘DAREDEVIL’ COVER IN 11 minutes. Time-lapse++

Daredevil #22.

Pretty outstanding video by one of my favorite artists hanging in the Marvel game, right here. Paolo Rivera has shared with the world a video of him rocking out the cover to Daredevil #22. Particularly awesome is how the video lets you see how the artist uses his own poses for reference when drawing the characters. I knew he did such a thing, but it is entertaining to all of a sudden see a picture of Rivera juxtaposed with the Webbed One.

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Paolo Rivera Leaving ‘DAREDEVIL’ To Work On Creator-Owned Sci-Fi Comic And More. This Rules.

Paolo Rivera is a Hell of an artist, and one who I don’t enjoy as much as I should because I haven’t gotten too into Daredevil. Today Rivera announced that he was dropping out of that title to focus on creator-owned projects, one of which is a science-fiction jam. I can’t tell you how excited this makes me.

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COMICS TIME THIS WEEK: Watch The Spaceman Choke, You Assholes.

Do you know how many comic books I read last week? One. I read the newest issue of Prophet  and that was that. It was a gloriously hypnotic trek through a devastated post-apocalyptic Hemingway novel, and after that I shut my brain down for the week. I’ve been trying to slice the fatty material out of my comic diet. Much like my life I’m sure I’ll continue to binge, but the ideal is to strip down the pull-list into things I want to read. Not things I want to read, feel implored to read, and have a passing interest in at the cost of my wallet.

With that in mind, this is Comics We’re Buying This Fine Week. The column where we sit cross-legged in a circle, pantless of course, and share what we’re digging on in the funny book universe on a given Wednesday. I’ll go first. You follow me into the closet and count to 20. It’s going to be awesome.

Not sure what is coming out? Hit up ComicList.

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Paolo Rivera’s Cover To ‘Daredevil’ #10 Is Devilishly Gorgeous. Puns!

Paolo River has insane chops. His artwork alone carried me through Spider-Man’s One More Laborious Retconning In Time, and it may be enough to entice me into buying Daredevil. He’s revealed his cover for the rebooted series’ tenth issue and it’s gorgeous.


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Variant Covers: Reality Is A Special Effect!

Variant Covers.   Column giving the rundown of the week’s comic releases. Trite, super-personal and irreverent. Share your finds, friends.

I’ve been sick lately. For the past five days my life has consisted of scraping the existential paste out of bed, nodding somewhat coherently as I teach, and napping. Fitful, sweaty naps. The sort of naps that could fill a Gatorade bottle and whose flopping fiction could power a small town.

I have not slept. I cannot breath. I am here though. When there’s a dance you have to show up. Do your courtesies and press your fleshes.

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Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Maritn Are Relaunching ‘Daredevil’

Daredevil is getting relaunched this June with a #1 issue, and the creative team is going to be Mark Waid, with Paolo Rivera and Marcos Maritn as the rotating artists.

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Paolo Rivera’s Take On The Cinematic Avengers Is Gorgeous.

Enlarge. | Via.

I was first made aware of Paolo Rivera through last year’s Spider-Man storyline “One Moment In Time”, and since then I’ve had a huge hankering for his artwork. Goodness gracious the time I’ve wasted not knowing of his existence! But so it goes. Anyways, Rivera’s artwork is gorgeous, and there’s an insane fuckload of it for free on his excellent blog. Today Rivera revealed an Avengers study he’s doing that’s (according to him) a work in progress:

A new  Thor trailer just debuted, so I thought it would be a good excuse to show a recent study of the cinematic Avengers (they’re mostly based on the  concept art that made its way on-line last year). I haven’t really read any  Thor comics, but I’m still excited for the movie. I like what I’ve seen so far and I can’t wait to see them all on the screen together.

It’s fantastic. Get over there for more of his goodness.

Paolo Rivera Spits Inspiration Regarding Spidey & Art

I came across this today at Robot 6, and it’s pretty awesome. Artist Paolo Rivera recently commented on his blog that he’d finished his work on the Spider-Man storyline, One Moment In Time. Laced throughout it though, was some pretty inspiring words on the dedication to creation, and love.

Paolo Rivera:

I did it! I’m free! After months of monastic dedication, I have finished… 4 books. Whenever I think of the amount of effort required (by me) to produce a single comic book (let alone 4), I am filled with admiration for the creators, past and present, who do it on a monthly basis.

The image above comes from Amazing Spider-Man #33, 1 of 2 Spider-Man comics that happened to be in my household while growing up (thanks, Dad). Of course, it happened to be one of the greatest Spidey stories ever told, but how was I supposed to know? I couldn’t drive, and I spent what allowance I had on toys.

Looking back on the issue now, it’s hard not to draw parallels between Spidey’s dedication and my own work ethic. My adolescent mind was in awe of Spidey’s resolve: he “rested” while being pummeled by Doc Ock’s henchmen in order to gather strength for the final fight. What? Mind: blown.

People ask me how I can sit in my room for months on end (the “Bat Cave” and “Fortress of Solitude” comments are incessant). The answer is very simple: I love my job. It’s extremely challenging, but that’s the point. It makes finishing a project feel just like lifting tons of steel machinery off your back to reach the serum that will save your dying Aunt May. Love can give you power you didn’t know you had.

Props to Robot 6 for posting it as their Quote of the Day, otherwise I wouldn’t have come across the quote, or Rivera’s rather awesome blog.