Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Maritn Are Relaunching ‘Daredevil’

Daredevil is getting relaunched this June with a #1 issue, and the creative team is going to be Mark Waid, with Paolo Rivera and Marcos Maritn as the rotating artists.

Comics Alliance:

In contrast to the work of creators Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev, Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark, and Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston, who depicted Daredevil as a particularly tortured figure in an especially dark setting, Mark Waid is known for his more reverent approach to classic superhero characters and their worlds. Indeed, the preview artwork by Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera seems to suggest a brighter and more classically “comic-booky” interpretation of Daedevil, which many longtime readers will no doubt welcome after more than ten years of superlative grimness. However, Waid is a writer unafraid of exploring the dark sides of his characters, as demonstrated by his work with  Irredeemable and  Potter’s Field, and he is likely to surprise us with his work on the title.

I wasn’t particularly happy with how Daredevil’s time came to a close last year. Shadowland was a cheesy way to lift a lot of Murdock’s actions off onto a demon, and then they threw him out into Wichita or some shit in DD:Reborn. I’m also not a large fan of Mark Waid’s more contemporary work. That’s right, I’m the only asshole in the world who doesn’t like Irredeemable. I’m not a hater, I simply possess a good amount of apathy.

In a bit of fanboy panic, I’m the asshole who is going to be shouting “This isn’t my Daredevil!” while realizing how hypocritical this makes me. I’m going to give it a shot, of course. I would for Paolo Rivera’s artwork alone. I fell head over heels with him during last year’s Spidey event, One Moment In Time.  Dude’s gorgeous. Also, anything like this that lets him shine in a brighter light is something I’ll support.

Yet, getting used to a less gritty approach to Murdock is going to be challenging for me. I dug the angst, I dug the noir, and I generally dug the storylines’ antagonists being relegated to ninjas, and mob bosses. Who knows. Maybe it’ll be fantastic.  But I’m worried.