Watch: Black Panther and Black Widow exchange quips in deleted ‘Civil War’ scene

Captain America: Civil War needed more Black Panther. It needed *way, way more* Black Panther. Okay, maybe I would have just preferred a Black Panther movie.

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Whedon would return to Marvel Studios for a ‘Black Widow’ film

Joss Whedon.

I imagine this news is incredible divisive among Whedon folk and MCU fans alike.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ International Trailer: Black Widow and Hawkeye are not besties

The Russo Bros want to direct ‘Black Widow’ solo movie


The Russo Brothers are currently my favorite thang rocking creatively around the Marvel Studios Monstrosity. They brought me Winter Soldier, they’re bringing me Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet, and they want to bring me a Black Widow movie. Make it so, chaps. Make it so.

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Marvel announces ‘Black Widow’ ongoing comic from full ‘Daredevil’ creative team

Black Widow.

The much cherished Daredevil creative team is turning their eyes on the Blackest of Widows. Waid, Samnee, Wilson, and Caramagna will be bringing their talents to the super spy’s next ongoing comic.

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Kevin Wada takes Natasha Romanoff into the couture!

Marvel confirms ‘BLACK WIDOW’ standalone flick in development. Cyeah!

Black Widow.

Can you dig it? I can dig it! I’m all clad in leather, a gorgeous catsuit zipped halfway down revealing my oddly shaped nipples and chest hair! But it’s for a good cause. Nay, it’s part of a celebration.

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ International Trailer: Bad guys shoot at you

the bad guys shoot at yo

Captain America: The Winter Soldier got an International Trailer. Smidgen of new footage. An added laugh. IDGAF, I’m smitten.

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Phil Noto draws Hawkguy and Black Widow. Gorgeous.


More old artwork that I’ve stumbled across on the Tumblring Machine. I don’t give a fuck! Phil Noto‘s take on Natasha and Clint is gorgeous.

Hit the jump for the full look.

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Holy shit.

Oh my god. I didn’t expect the trailer to be this fucking good. All sorts of interweaving of ponderous moments regarding duty, and just explicitly fucking awesome action sequences. My balls are ready.

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