Marvel confirms ‘BLACK WIDOW’ standalone flick in development. Cyeah!

Black Widow.

Can you dig it? I can dig it! I’m all clad in leather, a gorgeous catsuit zipped halfway down revealing my oddly shaped nipples and chest hair! But it’s for a good cause. Nay, it’s part of a celebration.

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ International Trailer: Bad guys shoot at you

the bad guys shoot at yo

Captain America: The Winter Soldier got an International Trailer. Smidgen of new footage. An added laugh. IDGAF, I’m smitten.

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Phil Noto draws Hawkguy and Black Widow. Gorgeous.


More old artwork that I’ve stumbled across on the Tumblring Machine. I don’t give a fuck! Phil Noto‘s take on Natasha and Clint is gorgeous.

Hit the jump for the full look.

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Holy shit.

Oh my god. I didn’t expect the trailer to be this fucking good. All sorts of interweaving of ponderous moments regarding duty, and just explicitly fucking awesome action sequences. My balls are ready.

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Black Widow!

Fuck to the yiggity yes. Lame intro? Fuck you! I rule this roost with mediocrity and stupidity! Anyways. There is a Black Widow monthly coming, and the team behind it is stacked with wunder-prowess. Nathan Edmondson? Check. Phil fucking Noto? Check.  Underlined. Starred.

Hit the jump for a look at the first cover and more details.

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Cosplay: This BLACK WIDOW Ain’t Scarlett Johansson, But She Is A Bust. Puns. Puns Ahoy.

It’s Friday. Friday! Short week, and now its ending. So no one, no one  will blame you for retiring to the rest room for a few moments after viewing this wondrous Black Widow cosplay. You earned it, folks. You earned it.

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Avengers x Papercraft = Adorable Renditions of Earth’s Mightiest

I still ain’t over Avengers. I’ve seen it four times, but this has nary an effect on my voracious appetite for more. I will have to sate myself on adorable pop culture particles that the film has generated, such as these Avengers papercraft products.

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Joss Whedon Would Like More Females In ‘AVENGERS 2′, Moi Aussi!

One of Joss Whedon’s calling cards is his ability to write some powerful ladies. However no matter the success of Avengers, its lovely husk was filled with only one female lead. This is an occurrence our Lord Whedon would want to address in the sequel.

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The Avengers: You’re Going to See It. Now You’re Here to Understand Why You’re Going to See It.

The Avengers should be as necessary to you this weekend as breathing, if:

–  You saw and enjoyed the Marvel Universe films of the past five years — like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

– You read and enjoy superhero comic books.

– You have a fucking pulse.

If two of these things apply, you’ve probably already seen it.   If all three do, you saw it last night at midnight like the rest of us.

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Video: First Scene From ‘AVENGERS’ Has Black Widow, Coulson, Whedon Time.

Hey, do you want to see the first scene from Avengers? It’s got some Black Widow action. Some Agent Coulson action. Some Joss Whedon banter.

Hit the jump if you’re intrigued, yo!

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