Microsoft reveals the HoloLens, their stab at an augmented reality headset


‘Cause everybody is down with a fucking virtual-reality-augmented-reality-altered-reality-something-reality headset of their own these days. Microsoft’s iteration is more holodeck than it is virtual reality. And like Oculus Rift and all the others it seems cool enough, yeah, okay, but I’m not dying to own one.

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Neal Stephenson joins augmented-reality company as “Chief Futurist.”

Neal Stephenson.

MAKE MINE SNOW CRASH, YA FUCKS! Neal Stephenson has joined an augmented-reality company as their fucking Chief Futurist. And it doesn’t lead to me hanging out in the Black Sun, it’s a colossal fucking disappointment.

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Google Glass returning in 2015 with Intel powerin’ its guts

Google Glass

Google Glass! You poor sack of shit! You were cool for like nine minutes! But then Oculus Rift rolled up and nabbed the attention you were garnering. Pulled down your pants, dismissively flicked your beans, and then stole your bae. But apparently you ain’t taking this laying-lying-laying down. No! You sure ain’t, and 2015 is going to be your year. With your buddy Intel helpin’ out.

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XBOX 720: Details spilled in XBOX WORLD. If so, I’m sprung with tech-lust.

I could say I understand the jist of these new details, but I’m just like “oh shit new Xbox details. I don’t understand them with my fat brain, but I know I want it.” Do you understand these details? Are you excited like me? It’s a cucumber in my pants, chill out.

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WATCH: First Video From Google’s Glasses. Unremarkable++

Here’s the first video from Google’s glasses. Pretty unremarkable stuff, right? This isn’t the augmented future I was promised! Patience, Caff. Patience.

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An Entire Town In Wales Is Covered In QR Codes; Augment EVERYTHING.

Ain’t this an interesting eye sore all over the teats of a town in Wales. Riffing off of a TED talk that talked about doing an entire down in QR codes, they’ve plastered more than 1,000 codes onto their structures and such.

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GOOGLE’S GLASSES Patents Hint At HELMETS To Match. Clunky ++

…How long will we augment reality before we just call it reality? Eh, just something that fall out of my ass right now. More relevant to this whole news post thing is me telling you that a patent Google registered totally points towards a helmet to compliment their AR glasses. This doesn’t make sense.

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Video: Google Drops Preview Of Its AUGMENTED REALITY GLASSES. Transmet Boner.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sheezy. This is the illest of the ills, right here. Google has released a preview (more I assume, like a proof of concept or whatever) of their augmented reality glasses. I’m all over this like stink on my boxer shorts.

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Google Releasing Augmented Reality Glasses. Futurism ++

Ain’t this a real tickle to my futurism taint. Google is going to release augmented reality glasses. They aren’t the contacts/retinal implants I’m clamoring for, but they’re a start.

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Augemented Reality Star Wars Game Drops On iPhone; Tie Fighters In Your Cityscape!

Gawd dang! This shit is the hotness. Behold the resplendent glory that is Star Wars: Falcon Gunner by Vertigore Games. The game uses augmented reality gorgeousness to allow you to blast Tie Fighters in your cityscape. Or I assume backyard(scape) or ice hockey rink(scape). Hit the jump to check this out in motion.

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