#Welcome To the Future

Watch: ‘Akira’ Tribute recreates classic scenes in Beautiful CGI

Hackers have stolen over 100 Cars using a Laptop; Hack the Planet et cetera


The future is here! It’s just not evenly distributed. So says Billy Gibson. Well. I can confirm a couple of people who have received the future. These console cowboys have stolen more than 100 cars, using their leet hacker skills.

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Oculus no longer blocking Vive headset from playing Rift-exclusive titles

the war is over folksz

A tech war I did not know was being waged has come to an end. Vive owners will now be able to play Rift-exclusive titles on their headset. Which, I sort of imagine, benefits both companies.*

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Watch: Hacked Nintendo Power Glove controls Drones. Futzing Drones.

This is the future I wanted. This is the future I demanded.

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The HTC ‘Vive’ VR headset to cost $799, $200 more than ‘Oculus Rift’


Man, count me the fuck out of the VR game. At least for a bit, until the headsets drop in price. That’s, that’s fair, right?

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GameStop CEO: Sony’s VR Headset is dropping this fall


So, I can’t just close my eyes, embrace how old I feel, and successfully wish VR away. That’s what it’s looking like. I can’t wish away a lot of things: my overeating, pee boners in the car during traffic, and now apparently virtual reality.


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Steven Spielberg working on a project that is *only* for virtual reality

Steven Spielberg.

I suppose this is it, folks. The big virtual reality push. In a couple of years, we’re all going to be looking back at this moment. Wondering how anyone really thought it was going to take off. Or, ideally. We’ll be looking back at this moment as the catalyst for the technological progression that ended with me wearing a headset. Covered in teledildonic devices. Using my haptic gloves to stroke a furry with a priapism half a world a way.

I truthfully wouldn’t be surprised by either of these developments. But I’m hoping for the latter.

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‘Oculus Rift’ costs $600, will begin shipping March 28

Oculus-Rift. (1)

Phew! I was worried I was going to impulse buy an Oculus Rift. Would have really cheesed off my wife, and probably not been used very much. Well! The price for the rig has been revealed to be $600, which makes it even too rich for my economically irresponsible ass (for the moment).

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Oculus Rift preorders starting Wednesday; some Kickstarter backers getting free Consumer Edition

Oculus Rift.

Are you preordering an Oculus Rift this week? (I ain’t) Do you not have to because you were a Kickstarter backer who pledged for a Rift, and you’re getting the Consumer Edition for free? (I ain’t)

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Apple bought the company who helped with ‘Star Wars’ motion capture

Star Wars.

Apple seems to be fancying themselves some augmented reality! I mean, they probably fancy something everything technological. But still. The company has bought Faceshift, which is a group that helped out on Star Wars‘ motion capture. Now it’s just a matter of time before they unleash iReality on the world.

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