#Welcome To the Future

MIT Builds Synthetic Muscles Out Of Nylon Cord

mit synthetic muscles

This is good. Good. If our Robot Overlords are (hopefully) coming soon (to save us from Trump), then I would prefer they at least *look* human.

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Maybe: This Is A Fossilized Dinosaur Brain

Fossilized Dinosaur Brain

In 2004, a fossil collector may have found a fossilized dinosaur brain some fifty miles outside of London. That’s some fucking luck. All I find wandering the streets are sexy boys with cheshire grins, and half-chewed quarters.

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North Korea launches Netflix-like streaming service, ‘Manbang’


So, North Korea is launching their own streaming service. Cool, cool? It’s called Manbang. Oh. Cool, cool? Like — I’m certainly curious enough about the sort of streaming service that the name evokes, but I don’t think…I don’t think what populates my mind is what they’re going for. Manbang!

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Domino’s in New Zealand is ready for Drone Deliveries; the future is here


Anyone who says that America is unquestioningly the greatest country in the world has to at least pause, at least fucking *pause* when they make that statement, given this new development. Fucking Hobbits are going to be loading up DroneMonsters that shall fly through the sky, flinging goddamn pizzas into everyone’s gullets from on-high. I’m ashamed, ashamed we are not doing that yet here.

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Watch: Game Boy Classic used to pilot a Drone; the future is already old news

Fucking dope.

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Chernobyl Wasteland could be turned into Solar Energy Farm


Ain’t this some mash-up of atom-punk optimism and dystopian-rot wastelanding. The Ukrainian government is hoping to secure the funding to turn Chernobyl’s exclusion zone into a giant solar farm. So dope.

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Watch: Mr. Wizard explaining how to draw on a computer in 1985. Retro interface swoon++

Some real retro-interface failed-state futurist porn, right here. Fucking Mr. Wizard, man.

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Watch: ‘Akira’ Tribute recreates classic scenes in Beautiful CGI

Hackers have stolen over 100 Cars using a Laptop; Hack the Planet et cetera


The future is here! It’s just not evenly distributed. So says Billy Gibson. Well. I can confirm a couple of people who have received the future. These console cowboys have stolen more than 100 cars, using their leet hacker skills.

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Oculus no longer blocking Vive headset from playing Rift-exclusive titles

the war is over folksz

A tech war I did not know was being waged has come to an end. Vive owners will now be able to play Rift-exclusive titles on their headset. Which, I sort of imagine, benefits both companies.*

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