‘The Death of Stalin’ Trailer: The Creator of ‘Veep’ Sets His Sights On The Soviet Union

I love both In The Loop and Veep. So, I imagine I’ll love this satirical movie tackling the Soviet Union by their creator, Armando Iannucci.

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Nintendo reveals “Nintendo Labo” which are bonkers DIY cardboard toys that interact with Switch

nintendo nintendo labo switch

It’s, like, really fucking hard to describe Nintendo Labo in a headline. It’s a collection of DIY cardboard toys that, like, interact with the Switch and its Joy Cons. But, that really doesn’t do the inventive nature of the, uh, peripheral, or uh movement, or uh, concept justice. I just know that it’s really cool, and perhaps it’s a lazy metaphor, but seems like a great way for kids (and adults!) to experiment and grow through gaming like Minecraft.

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‘John Wick’ TV spin-off series officially in development at Starz. Reeves is involved, will totally cameo

john wick tv series starz

That John Wick TV series is happening, folks. However, let’s remember it’s a fucking spin-off. I think this is important to note, since a lot of the echo-chamber shit holes (as opposed to this, your most glorious echo-chamber shit hole!) don’t lead with that. And while I may be alone, I think the idea of centering it on The Continental and not Wick makes it more viable and interesting.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 is officially confirmed for 2019

true detective season 3 2019

Nothing to lose with True Detective‘s third season at this point, right? If it sucks, well, we’ve already dealt with one season of it sucking. If it is rad ass, well, bonus points. We’ll find out the verdict year.

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‘Ready Player One’ Trailer: Watch This Garbage Barrel Of Nostalgia Puke, So I Don’t Have To

This book fucking sucks. This trailer sucks, BUT OH MY GAWD #NERDREFERENCES so a good amount of herbs will jizz their pants.

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‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ Trailer: Miles Morales gets stylish in a world of Spider-Folk

Wasn’t expecting this fucking trailer today, but I’ll take it. Miles Morales takes centerstage in a trailer for an adaptation of the Spider-Verse storyline where a gaggle of Spider-Folk collide. Written by Lord and Miles, and stylish as fuck, I’m ready.

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‘Far Cry 5’ has been delayed a month, now dropping March 27, 2018

far cry 5 delayed

Far Cry 5 got that DelaySickness, dudes. Now dropping March 27, 2018. Half of me is pretty fucking cheesed that I’m going to have to wait an entire extra month to hunt an Alt-Right herb militia. The other half of me is pleased that Ubisoft is letting the team take their time on the title.

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Tarantino and Abrams are working on a ‘Star Trek’ movie that Tarantino may direct. Wait, what the fuck?

tarantino abrams star trek

This…this news is interesting. To say the least. Like, what the fuck is even going on? The last year has proven obvious that the walls of reality are decaying around us, and it’s usually been terrible. But, this is pretty fucking neat.

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Lizzy Caplan is joining the ‘Gambit’ movie which is apparently really happening now?

lizzy caplan gambit movie

Lizzy Caplan is joining the Gambit movie? For real? Man, I used to really dig her back in the day. Full-on crush during Party Down‘s run. Then, she sort if disappeared from my radar. But if she’s starring in the movie, I’m even more excited about this movie. Which, I guess I should specify isn’t saying much, because I keep forgetting it even exists. Whatfuckingever, dude.

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‘The Incredibles 2’ Teaser Trailer: Jack-Jack Has Powers. Lots Of Them.

Perhaps heretical to state this, but I do not give one single, solitary, morsel-esque fuck about The Incredibles 2. That said, maybe you do! And should you, here’s a trailer for it!

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