‘Justice League Dark’ loses director Doug Liman due to scheduling conflict

justice league dark doug liman loses

Doug Liman has spent the last couple of years circling and then leaving superhero movies, due to scheduling conflicts. First, it was Gambit. Now, it’s Justice League Dark.

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New ‘Dragon Age’ game is in development according to BioWare writer who is surely in trouble now

new dragon age bioware writer

You gotta love when some employee of a zillion-dollar gaming company vomits up information that definitely, definitely should not be out in the open yet.

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‘The Mummy’ Final Trailer: Tom Cruise and his buddy Dr. Jekyll fight monsters

The Mummy final trailer is pushing what I sort of vaguely remember was coming: an extended monsters universe. Which, uh, much like this movie, doesn’t really appeal to or excite me. But, just like this movie, I’ll probably see the flicks of this extended universe. I’m…I’m garbage.

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Jason Bateman has signed on for ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 so hey yay everybody drink

arrested development jason bateman season 5

After Arrested Development‘s fourth season, I’m pretty much good with the series dying. But as they say in Game of Thrones, what is marketable and niche may never die.

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Could James Gunn Make A ‘Hitman’ Franchise?

james gunn hitman franchise

Editor’s Note: Please welcome guest contributor Phillip Cho with a fresh James Gunn meets Hitman take!

It’s been a few years now since “Hitman: Agent 47” was released to a brutal spattering of criticism. While the movie did okay at the box office, critics were relentless in labeling it yet another failed game-to-big screen adaptation. One review summed up the sentiment best, calling it “another video game adaptation that critics will largely dismiss and audiences will mostly ignore.”

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Danny Devito and Jeff Goldblum starring in Amazon comedy series about famous pop duo

danny devito jeff goldblum amazon comedy

Two of pop culture’s most beloved eccentrics are joining forces for a half-hour comedy show on Amazon. Fucking weird, man. Fucking unexpected, man. But I ain’t complaining.

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Maybe: Rey wears this outfit in ‘The Last Jedi’ revealed courtesy of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

star wars the last jedi rey outfit

Ah, *fuck* it, I’ll cover this. The last couple of days people have been stroking glands about this potential outfit for Rey in The Last Jedi. The reveal, maybe reveal, comes courtesy of Star Wars: Battlefront II pre-order promotional materials.

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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer: I Hope You’re Ready For What Comes Next

Nintendo dropping SNES Classic Edition. I can’t wait to not find it!

nintendo snes classic edition

Hey! Nintendo is dropping an SNES Classic Edition this year! Fucking neat! I can’t wait for their bullshit artificial scarcity to result in me not being able to find one! #FUCKNINTENDOLOL.

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Dolph Lundgren joins the cast of ‘Aquaman’ as villain King Nereus

dolph lundgren aquaman villain

Dolph Lundgren taking his streak of villainy from DC’s television universe to its cinematic universe. Ivan Drago himself will be playing some evil king or some shit in Aquaman.

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