‘Avengers 4’ trailer dropping before end of the year, so why the fuck not right now?

avengers 4 trailer end of year

I know this isn’t really news. But, Avengers 4 speculation is one of the few pop culture things that gets my juices going full-throttle. So, I’m just going to post this! And you’re going to gorge yourself on it!

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Head writer of ‘Rick and Morty’ is making an animated ‘Star Trek’ show

rick and morty head writer star trek show

Star Trek is a hip franchise, dudes! Totally, totally hip! How hip, you want to ask? Why, it’s got the head writer of Rick and Morty working on an animated series! Snark aside, this is actually really cool.

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Chris Pratt in talks to join next movie from ‘Sicario’ and ‘Hell or High Water’ writer Taylor Sheridan

chris pratt taylor sheridan

Taylor Sheridan’s movies are consistently fucking enjoyable. I mean, they oscillate between absolute fucking classic (Sicario, which he wrote) and enjoyably miserable affair (Wind River which he wrote and directed). So, throw some fucking Chris Pratt into mix? Hell yes.

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‘Luke Cage’ has been cancelled by Netflix which is equal parts bummer and surprising

luke cage canceled

I never saw the second season of Luke Cage. However, this still catches me by surprise. Iron Fist axed? Sure. That makes sense. But this? Well then.

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‘True Detective’ season 3 is dropping January 19, 2019 and I’m fucking here for it

true detective season 3 january 19

Aw fucking yeah, my dudes. The third season of True Detective is arriving next January! Stoked. After all, nothing says underscoring the pall of winter like a nice fucking brutal detective series.

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Chris Evans pretty much announces he’s done playing Captain America after wrapping ‘Avengers 4’, and I weep so fucking hard

chris evans avengers 4 cap

I don’t want Cap to go, man. But, if Chris Evans’ Tweet after finishing Avengers 4 reshoots is any indication, he is indeed.

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‘John Wick 3’ director’s description of the movie involves shotguns, ninjas, a raven, and more. I’m fully torqued

john wick 3 description

We all know that John Wick 3 is going to conclude the greatest trilogy of all time. But, how fucking emphatically shall it? That’s the question. Well, if the director’s description is any indication, we’re all going to need new underwear. Maybe genitals.

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‘Wolfenstein III’ confirmed by Bethesda, which makes sense, still has me pumped

wolfenstein iii bethesda confirmed

Bethesda has gone and done the obvious: confirmed the existence of Wolfenstein III. I mean, maybe some thought it wouldn’t be given, given the spin-off game coming next year. You know, the one starring Anya and BJ’s twins. But nah, there will be more Terror Billy in our future. As there should be.

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Loki, Scarlet Witch, and other Marvel heroes getting TV series on Disney’s streaming service. I say, goddamn!

loki scarlet witch disney streaming

Disney continues to make a serious fucking case for signing-up for their streaming service. Oh, you don’t fuck with their Star Wars show? Well, how about shows starring some of your favorite MCU staples?

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‘A Quiet Place’ Sequel gets official 2020 release date. Celebrate, fans! But do it QUIETLY, LOL

a quiet place sequel 2020

A Quiet Place was…wait for it…ANYTHING BUT at the box office. Hahaha, fuck me, fuck me right in the gullet. Anyways, yeah. The film did great as fuck, and now it Is officially getting a sequel.

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