Brian Wood taking over ‘Spawn’ with 250th issue with Jonboy Meyers on art.

The Return.

I haven’t enjoyed (or more specifically, read) Spawn for like…half a lifetime. Literally. I’m thirty-one. I fucking worshipped it when I was probably fifteen. But man. When I loved that comic, I fucking *loved* it. Same goes for Sam and Twitch when Bendis was penning it. But yeah. Like. Half a life has passed and the question has been, “what could ever get me to read the title again?” I’ve found the answer. Brian Wood.

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Rumor: Fox is developing ‘X-Men’ live-action TV show

X-Men - Days of Future Past.

I’m there. I’m there. I’m comic book-adaptation’d out. (Of course I’m exempting the Marvel Studios shit from this fatigue. Because: fanboy.) I mean Fox is developing an X-Men TV show and I can’t seem to give a fuck.

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‘Fantastic Four’ comic ending; totally not out of corporate vindictiveness

Fantastic Four.

A summer rumor has become an autumn fact. Fantastic Four is getting cancelled, taking the First Family out of the Marvel Universe. The rumor had it that Marvel was doing so in order to malign Fox, who owns the movie rights over them. And while I imagine The Foursome will return (conveniently after the movie push is over), this is forty-four shades of fucking dumb.

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Mondo dropping collectible vinyl of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1′


Man! I don’t have a fucking record player! Which I know totally cuts me down like three-thousand points in some people’s eyes. SORRY BRO, I’M CYBERNETIC. I LISTEN TO MY DEATH METAL THROUGH A ZUNE I HAVE HAD IMPLANTED IN THE UPPER CORNERS OF MY ANUS. CO-ANUS-IAL CABLE. Oh God I hate myself. What the fuck am I even saying? Uh — right.

Anyways. Mondo is continuing to release dope-ass collectible comic book vinyls, this time with an Awesome Mix.

Hit the jump for the glorious artwork + details.

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‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer: I’ve Always Loved Dogs

Jupiter Ascending.

So like. Jupiter Ascending. It can’t be conventionally good, can it? (Whatever the fuck that means.) But something tells me that the goddamn insane hodgepodge of science-fiction visuals, Wachowskian action, and Channing Tatum with a tail is going to sell me on this movie. Somehow. Somehow!

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Crazy Aquaman rumor for ‘Batman v. Superman’


Let’s talk Batman v. Superman rumors! Yeah why the fuck not! It’s Monday night! I’m sitting in shorts, my Padmé Amidala baby doll, and my comfy crocs. Ain’t got nowhere to go. Ain’t got nothing better to do. The latest rumor involves newly christened OL Babe Khal Drogo (ever since the great booth flyby of 2014) and his role as Aquaman.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ TGS Gameplay Demo: The Behemoth Cometh

Totally Not Cloud.

The first five or so minutes of this “gameplay demo” is pretty fucking boring. But then a wild behemoth appears and you get to see FFXV‘s battle system in action. Which I’m diggin’.

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No Sh*t Rumor: Obi-Wan getting standalone ‘Star Wars’ flick


In what is apparently a *rumor*, but what strikes me as *no fucking shit*, there’s murmurings that Obi-Wan is getting his own standalone movie. Like, this is obvious, right?

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Robin Williams has passed away at age 63.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams has passed away of a suspected suicide. Ugh. Dude will always be legend in my eyes for his performances in countless movies, from Mrs. Doubtfire to Dead Poets Society. Double ugh.

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Sony thinking about PlayStation 4 early access program

PlayStation Mania.

For the past couple of weeks, Bateman, Rendar, and I have been rocking BroForce on Steam. It is not a finished game. However, it is awesome. So long as you take it with a grain of salt, recognizing that it is in-progress. So knowing what love I have for the early title, I’m more than stoked that Sony is thinking of offering a a similar program.

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