New ‘Justice League’ Photo: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg Aboard A Kryptonian Ship

justice league photo aquaman cyborg wonder woman

New Justice League photo! It’s got Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg aboard a Kryptonian ship. Looking for the Super-Man, I imagine.

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‘Deadpool’ 2 Seeming Likely To Cast Pierce Brosnan As Cable

deadpool 2 pierce brosnan cable

The meta, post-modern tea leaves seem to signal one thing: Pierce Brosnan is going to be Cable in Deadpool 2.

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Oculus Lawsuit Ends With ZeniMax Being Awarded $500 Million. That’s A Lot of Junior Bacons

oculus lawsuit zenimax awarded half billion

The lawsuit between Oculus and ZeniMax has reached (a first) conclusion, with the latter being awarded $500 million. That’s, that’s a lot of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, man. But don’t buy them burgers yet, ZeniMax. At least not with the court ordered money. ‘Cause I imagine this case is going to be appealed, and then appealed again, so on, and so forth. Forever.

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John Hurt Has Passed Away At The Age Of 77

john hurt passed away age 77

Winston Smith himself has departed the corporeal plane, almost immediately following the roll out of 1984 into this timeline’s reality. Fuck.

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Weekend Open Bar: A Cure For The Common Ennui

weekend open bar a cure for the common ennui

It’s the Bar! The Weekend Open Bar!

And a welcome one, at that. I’m ready. To kick off the pants, slap on some fat kid sweats. To slough off the responsibilities, pop on some wrestling. Or some Westworld. Or some Mob Psycho 100. Recline, recline, recline into the primo portion of the sectional in our sunroom.

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Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Announce ‘The Avengers Project’ With Marvel. Teaser Here!

Folks! Folks. Marvel is getting fucking deep into the video game business. Today, the company announced a joint venture with Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos called The Avengers Project.

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Microsoft Rebuilding Xbox One Dashboard With Emphasis On Speed

xbox one dashboard rebuilding

Microsoft is finally rebuilding their XB1 dashboard. Previously, it was built around Kinect usage. Which currently probably pleases the two people who use Kinects. However, the next iteration is going to be fast and furious. Fast! And fucking furious!

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Hugh Jackman Tweets ‘Logan’ Synopsis. Confirms The Sads, Man.

hugh jackman tweets logan synopsis

Logan ain’t going to be a feel good flick, huh? But, hey. I like my Wolverine thrice-fried in misery and triple-baked in torture. So this, this shit is working for me.

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Marvel Is Teasing Its Next Event, ‘Secret Empire’

marvel event secret empire

Man, I don’t really fuck with events anymore. DC, or even Marvel, and I’m a Marvel fanboy. But hey! That doesn’t stop them from sliding out the maw. The next one? Secret Empire.

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‘Star Wars’ Braintrust Meeting Next Week To Address Leia And ‘Episode IX’

star wars meeting leia episode ix

Man. Thankless task amid genuine sorrow for the braintrust behind Star Wars. The collaborative is meeting next week to discuss the future of Leia, after the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. Leia, a character who was going to have a large role in Episode IX.

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