‘Logan’ director confirms he’s working on an ‘X-23’ movie script because fucking of course

x 23 movie script logan director

Logan was a wonderful remix of The Road. Or The Last of Us. Or whatever. One of the highlights of the beautiful misery was X-23. So, it makes perfect sense to give the character her own movie.

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‘The Punisher’ Trailer: Frank Castle’s Revenge Tour Drops November 17

I ain’t watching this new trailer for The Punisher, cause I’m *way* fucking in on the show. That said, I’m pretty goddamn stoked that we know it’ll finally be arriving. November 17.

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‘Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus’ Launch Trailer: You Fascist Nazi Pigs!

This new trailer for Wolfenstein 2 goes fucking hard, dude. On action, on swearing, on spreading ass all over, to quote the trailer, fascist Nazi pigs.

Can’t wait.

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Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ movie adding ‘Veep’ actor Reid Scott to the already stacked as fuck cast

Tom Hardy's 'Venom' movie adding 'Veep' actor Reid Scott to the already stacked as fuck cast

Tom Hardy’s Venom movie has added veteran Veep actor Reid Scott to its cast. Fucking dope, dude.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ is going to be filming in Summer 2018. The comic book banality engine must churn forever

wonder woman 2 filming summer 2018

Hey, I enjoyed Wonder Woman. It was a fun enough comic book movie, and it was particularly noteworthy because it was a female directed and female starring comic book movie. But even with a healthy appreciation for the movie though, and comic book movies in general, man. They’re really going to be coming until the heat death of the universe, huh? We infantile, permanent-adolescents are going to choke on these things until we choke our last breath, huh?

Aiight, I’m in.

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Promo Clip: The Odinson Upon The Throne

thor ragnarok promo throne

New Thor: Ragnarok promo clip! It finds the Odison upon the throne, or something. I don’t know. I’ve placed myself on a media blackout for the movie, because I’m fucking sweating it.

After the jump because Marvel put this thing on piece of shit Twitter video.

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Netflix has ordered a season of Michael B. Jordan’s superhero family show. I’m here for this, dude.

netflix michael b jordan superhero family series

Netflix has picked up Raising Dion for a full series. Additionally, Michael B. Jordan has not only signed-on as the executive producer, he’s also co-starring. I’m fucking *here* for this, dude.

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‘Batman Ninja’ anime dropping in 2018 with designs by the ‘Afro Samurai’ creator

batman ninja anime

Hey, you know what? I’m never going to fucking watch this, unless it blows the tits off of humans and dolphins alike. However, it sounds pretty goddamn cool.

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Trailer: Meet Dutch And His Gang (Again)

New trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, folks. It does two things for me. It gets me amped as fuck for the game, and it reminds me I should play the first.

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‘Game of Thrones’ final season’s budget is $15 million per episode. That’s a lot of blue dragon flames, dude

game of thrones final season budget

Game of Thrones‘ final season budget is fucking staggering, dude. HBO is going to be barfing up $15 million per episode to send their flagship series off.

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