Sonic The Hedgehog Is Getting Sexy Coffee Table Art Book

sonic the hedgehog coffee table art book

Yeah, I called something regarding Sonic The Hedgehog sexy! You, you don’t? I’ve called a lot of things about Sonic The Hedgehog sexy, in fact! The latest? This sexy art book!

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Miyamoto Totally Teased New Mario Game With Shirt On Fallon

miyamoto teasing mario t-shirt

Shigeru Miyamoto wore a t-shirt on the Jimmy Fallon show this week, and it caught the attention of many. Could he, we speculated as the Internet Geeks, be teasing something? According to Nintendo of America’s senior product marketing, he was!

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‘Rogue One’ IMAX TV Spot: Oh, It’s Beautiful

‘The Expanse’ Season 2 Trailer: To The Brink

Man, I’m stoked for Expanse‘s second season. I would be excited anyways, but I’m doubly excited because of Bobbie Draper. A goddamn glorious character in the universe’s mythos.

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R.L. Stine Is Writing ‘Man-Thing’ For Marvel. We Can Have Nice Things!

r.l. stine writing man-thing

2016, a year of torrid shits and pain, has at least given me one welcome development. I mean, like, many. But the most recent one is the announcement that R.L. Stine is going to be writing Man-Thing. Now, am I going to read it? Fuck naw. But I just like it existing.

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Watch: Miyamoto Playing The ‘Super Mario Bros’ Theme With The Roots

Here’s Shigeru Miyamoto jamming the Super Mario Bros. theme with The Roots. Straight-up wonderful, man. And. Jesus Christ. Maybe it’s because I’m overtired, and it’s the end of the semester, and 2016 sucks, and 2017-whatever feels terrible, but the innocence and nostalgia of this almost moved me to tears. I need some rest.

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Sony Has Sold 50 Million PlayStation 4s, Far Outpacing Its PS3 Sales

playstation 4 sales 50 million

The PlayStation 4 is selling well. Not only that, but it is well ahead of where the PS3 was in terms of sales, at this point in its lifecycle.

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‘Aquaman’ Gets Official October 2018 Release Date

aquaman release date october 2018

Aquaman, or known around the Omega Household (to wife and husband alike) as Excuse To Ogle Jason Momoa, is officially dropping in October of 2018.

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Nintendo Attractions Coming To Universal Studios In Orlando And Hollywood

nintendo attractions universal studios

Man! What a time to be a theme park-loving geek! Not only are we getting a Star Wars-themed park at Disney, we are also getting Nintendo attractions at Universal Studios.

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Fox Sets Dates For Two Mystery Marvel Movies

fox marvel movie dates

Fox has set the date for two mystery Marvel movies. You like that? “Mystery” movies. That’s how we phrase it these days. They’re definitely not just unannounced. Mysteries!

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