Report: ‘The Batman’ Is Being Directed By Matt Reeves

the batman director matt reeves

When Batfleck announced he wasn’t directing The Batman, the first name that dropped as his replacement was Matt Reeves. It appears that name was, in fact, correct. And my take? Sure? Dude is competent enough. Enormous fall down from Christopher Nolan, maybe a fall down from Affleck, certainly Jesus Christ in comparison to Zack Snyder.

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Space Swoon: Hubble Spies The Andromeda Constellation’s Spiral

hubble andromeda constellation spiral

Hubble has captured the glorious spiral of the Andromeda constellation. Not to be confused with our neighboring Andromeda galaxy.

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Kevin Smith Announces New ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ Film

kevin smith new jay and silent bob movie

Hey! Party like its 2000! I have no desire to see a new Jay And Silent Bob movie. I’m going to cling on to my fuzzy Clerks nostalgia and push the rest of it to the side.

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Report: ‘The Batman’ Getting “Fresh Start” When New Director Is Chosen

the batman new director fresh start

Oh, The Batman. At one point you were the shining beacon of the DC cinematic universe. Now, now you’re just another project mired in turd-soaked controversy. The movie has gone from being written, directed, and starring Ben Affleck to starring the actor, but being being written and directed by one huge shrug.

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Boyega Shares ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Photo Depicting His New Look

pacific rim uprising john boyega pentecost

John Boyega dropped a new official image from Pacific Rim: Uprising today. It features the actor looking #broodingaf while proclaiming that he is Pentecost.

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New ‘Justice League’ Photo: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg Aboard A Kryptonian Ship

justice league photo aquaman cyborg wonder woman

New Justice League photo! It’s got Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg aboard a Kryptonian ship. Looking for the Super-Man, I imagine.

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‘Deadpool’ 2 Seeming Likely To Cast Pierce Brosnan As Cable

deadpool 2 pierce brosnan cable

The meta, post-modern tea leaves seem to signal one thing: Pierce Brosnan is going to be Cable in Deadpool 2.

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Oculus Lawsuit Ends With ZeniMax Being Awarded $500 Million. That’s A Lot of Junior Bacons

oculus lawsuit zenimax awarded half billion

The lawsuit between Oculus and ZeniMax has reached (a first) conclusion, with the latter being awarded $500 million. That’s, that’s a lot of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, man. But don’t buy them burgers yet, ZeniMax. At least not with the court ordered money. ‘Cause I imagine this case is going to be appealed, and then appealed again, so on, and so forth. Forever.

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John Hurt Has Passed Away At The Age Of 77

john hurt passed away age 77

Winston Smith himself has departed the corporeal plane, almost immediately following the roll out of 1984 into this timeline’s reality. Fuck.

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Weekend Open Bar: A Cure For The Common Ennui

weekend open bar a cure for the common ennui

It’s the Bar! The Weekend Open Bar!

And a welcome one, at that. I’m ready. To kick off the pants, slap on some fat kid sweats. To slough off the responsibilities, pop on some wrestling. Or some Westworld. Or some Mob Psycho 100. Recline, recline, recline into the primo portion of the sectional in our sunroom.

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