‘Dishonored 2’ Trailer: Emily Kaldwin has no time for Robots or Goons

I cannot wait to whup ass in Dishonored 2 as Emily Kaldwin.

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Xbox One was top-selling console in July; outsold PS4 first time since 2015


The Console War is heating up! Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. But for the first time in a good goddamn while, the XB1 outsold the PS4.

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‘Sonic Mania’ and ‘Project Sonic 2017’ Trailers: Sega’s Two Latest Attempts at Hedgehog Resurrection

Sega has announced two new Sonic games in celebration of the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. To say I am skeptical at best is an understatement. To say I have perhaps unfairly written off these two projects already is more accurate.

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‘King Arthur’ Trailer: Guy Ritchie and The Round Table

Guy Ritchie rules. The Man From UNCLE was hilarious, stylish, fun. That apparently only Pluto and I saw, but fuck if we weren’t dying laughing in our seats. I’m in for this movie, I’m in for any movie Ritchie makes. And I’m dragging Eddie along with me.

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Japan has official ‘Evangelion’ Dumbbells; the Fourth Impact is you reppin’ out

get swole get swole

Yeah man! Fourth impact! Reppin’ out! Get as swole as Shinji is a miserable, unwatchable twat! Evangelion dumbbells!

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Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi flick ‘Story of Your Life’ gets new title and a release date

Denis Villeneuve.

I had no fucking idea that Denis Villeneuve had another movie dropping before Blade Runner 2. This is bonus! One of my favorite current directors bringing science-fiction heat before he brings science-fiction heat. Villeneuve’s movie has gotten itself a new title, and an official release date.

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Donald Glover joining ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ cast

donald glover

Donald Glover for Spider-Man! Oh, he’s already cast? Donald Glover for (a role in) Spider-Man!

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Kevin Smith resurrecting ‘Mallrats’ as a 10-Episode TV Series

Jennifer Lawrence starring in Adam McKay’s movie based on dumpster fire start-up Theranos


I know a lot about Elizabeth Holmes and her bullshit start-up, Theranos. This is because my wife puts on biolifemedicalsomething conferences, and Theranos was simultaneously a rising star and a source of concern for members of that community, and her. Basically Holmes was a scam artist who flouted FDA something suches, and most importantly: refused to speak at a keynote for my wife. Then Holmes’ career fell apart. Is this a coincidence? Is my wife at best, a realitymancer, and at worse, the Devil? I’m not sure. Maybe the new Lawrence/McKay movie will suss this out.

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‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Reveal Trailer: Dropping September 20 on PS4 and XB1

Bungie has dropped official details for the previously leaked but unofficially announced expansion for Destiny, Rise of Iron.

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