‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ SEASON 2 to have three leads, explore the “PSYCHOSPHERE’

True Detective

Well, I’m glad that True Detective‘s second season doesn’t seem any less bonkers than its first. In addition to letting us know the show will have three leads, creator Nic Pizzolatto has revealed the show is exploring the Psychosphere of California. I have no idea what the fuck this means, but killer. Gnarly.

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COEN BROTHERS rewriting SPIELBERG’S Cold War Project. Confluence of awesome.

Coen Brothers.

It’s a power couple! Made up of three people! A Domination Triangle? Eh, whatever. The Coen Brothers are rewriting a script for Stevey Spielberg based on a true-life Cold War drama. I am fucking sold already, folks. Sold. Already.

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Agents of SHIELD.

Fuck yeah! Agents of SHIELD has slowly become my most anticipated show of every week, starting right around its glorious integration with The Winter Soldier. Seeing what heights the show can hit, I was going to be pretty disappointed if it didn’t get a chance to continue on with its merry self. My fears?! Evaporated! Oh! And Agent fucking Carter! Coming to our television!

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Cosplay: FEMALE GREEN LANTERN lights up my day. PUNZPUNZ

Green Lantern!

ALL THE SHITTY PUNZ!!! Seriously though, this is some wonderful Green Lantern cosplay. Especially given, you know, my *ahem* bodysuit fetish.

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‘VERONICA MARS’ getting a spin-off show, ‘PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK.’

Ryan Hansen

Veronica Mars is getting a spin-off show? I didn’t see this coming! But then again, I failed as a fan and I didn’t see the movie either. Said spin-off has VM’s creator Rob Thomas involved, so I’m automatically intrigued. The fact that it’s a weird, meta-fictional take on a digital branch of the CW? Has me really interested. Just how odd shall it be?!

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Cosplay: X-Men’s Rogue got that deadly kiss

Rogue's Fatal Kiss

Yeah, don’t let Rogue’s lovely eyes and demeanor trick you. That kiss is going to kill your ass at worst, and at best syphon your fledgling mutant powers. Still though. Tempting.


Matt Damon.

*Insert innumerable jokes about Batman and Aquaman talking to each other in Boston accents. Asking each other how they like apples. Maybe combing Robin Williams’ beard. Final sentence ends the post with shot at Zack Snyder and all the creative powers that be at DC Entertainment.*

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Lucasfilm addresses ‘STAR WARS’ EXPANDED UNIVERSE. Dismisses It. And Keeps It?


Lucasfilm has finally come out and smashed the hopes, dreams, and dork-souls of many an SW:EU fan. Or maybe not? Frankly, it seems like they’re sort of doing two things. 1) Stating the obvious. Which is to say VII-IX is obviously not going to fucking follow the EU. 2) Announcing that the EU content will be slowly appropriated into the new Standardized Canon as they see fit, or perhaps more specifically as it can be made to fit.

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‘EPISODE VII’ News: Budget, Lucas’ Involvement, and Casting

Star Wars Blooper Reel

Well shit if I’m going to pretend to be updating this site again I might as well do it with run-on sentences and Star Wars updates right am I right yes no right? Here we got ourselves some news about the budget the cast and George Lucas’ fat-necked involvement.

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Watch: Gnarly new Batman animated short by creator of ‘BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES’

Batman - Strange Days

In recognition of the God Damn Bat-Man’s 75th birthday, the creator of B:TAS has returned with a new short. God bless you, Bruce Timm. God bless you.

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