‘The Expanse’ Season 2 Trailer: War Comes To The Solar System

‘Super Mario Run’ Hitting iPhone And iPad on December 15

super mario run

We now know when Nintendo’s next license to print money will arrive. Super Mario Run is hitting iPhone and iPad on December, running for a cool $9.99. There will also be a free version, apparently.

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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Cinematic Trailer: We’re The Aliens

Fuck yeah! Celebrate N7 Day an official Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic trailer! Though, I have to say. I want more information! I want a fucking release date! I want a substantial amount of gameplay! I’ve been waiting nearly five fucking years!

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Cast Photo: Reading In The Upside Down

stranger things season 2 cast photo

Man, I can’t wait for Stranger Things‘ second season to let us all down, so, so much. Truthfully, just protecting myself. But until then, let’s be excited! A photo from a cast reading!

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Johnny Depp co-starring in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel

johnny depp fantastic beasts sequel

Johnny Depp, more recently known for becoming a joke in Tim Burton movies and having an ugly divorce with his wife, will be co-starring in the Fantastic Beasts sequel. This may be somewhat cool, if he wasn’t charged with domestic abuse, and wasn’t a complete mockery of himself lately. Especially the former.

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‘Deadpool’ 2 Director Short List Includes ‘John Wick’, ‘The Martian’ Directors

deadpool 2 john wick

Earlier today, when I wanted to post this, it looked like the director of John Wick would be directing Deadpool 2. Now it looks like he is one of several potential directors. But fuck, he’s certainly my choice.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Will Have Online Co-Op; DLC Plans Revealed

final fantasy xv online co-op dlc

The Good: Final Fantasy XV is going to feature some sort of online co-op. The Bad: Apparently some of the fucking DLC packs are going to be selling you playable characters. C’mon, man.

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‘God Particle’ is actually ‘Cloverfield 3’

god particle cloverfield 3

Oh man, I fuck with this. J.J. Abrams and his Mystery Box posse have revealed that God Particle is actually the third installment in the Cloverfield series. As someone who enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane as a small, quiet Twilight Zone-esque flick, I’m down for installments of this loosely-tethered anthology series.

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Bryan Fuller Steps Down as ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Showrunner

star trek discovery bryan fuller

I don’t know much about Bryan Fuller, other than he’s responsible for some critically acclaimed shows. I don’t know much about him stepping down as showrunner of Star Trek Discovery, but it strikes me as not-good development.

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Comics Artist Steve Dillion Has Passed Away at Age 54



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