OMEGA-CAST #10: Crumb-Dog Zillionaires

Crumb-Dog Zillionaires

Double-digits, suckahs!

All y’all haters never thought we’d make it to ten podcasts! And y’know what, I don’t blame you! The fact that Riff Simian has yet to give me a lethal uppercut? The idea that Caffeine Powered hasn’t Diet Mountain Dew’d himself into a cardiac event? The notion that Patrick Bateman’s mobility scooter hasn’t collapsed under his weight?

Miracles. Goddamn miracles. Each and every one of `em.

So cue up our newest mini-miracle and laugh at our mental illnesses. That’s right, this is basically a digital journey into an insane asylum. This podcast’s topics are variegated in the least cohesive sense of the term, with grown men discussing the fourth dimension and Lex Luger and Caff-Pow’s first moment of post-pubescent self-awareness and movies and television.

Oh, we also make video game noises and dramatically read vulgar fiction.

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Cap 'Murica.

I’m not watching this clip. Intentionally. The Captain America: The Winter Soldier hype-train is about to kick it up into insane-overdrive with the movie less than a month away. I get it. However I’d like to leave some sacred ground for my first viewing. HOWEVER SHARING IS CARING unless it’s herpes than it’s crying like masturbating but hey live and learn. So if you’re interested, hit the jump.

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This MARS SUNSET is solar system sweetness


This is a picture of a sunset on Mars. Just kick back and imagine yourself beholding this beholden beauty upon the Red Dunes of Bradbury-Land. Pass the Space-Beer and the Red Martian Sticky, and let’s let infinity unfold in our minds.

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Cosplay: Chell from ‘PORTAL 2′ opens rift to Awesometown


Yeah I don’t know. Whatever. It’s some nice cosplay. Can you really complain about the quality of headlines when I’m providing you with such lovely cosplay free of charge? Eh? Oh you can? Well, whatever. Enjoy it anyways!
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Listen: SUPER MARIO BROS. THEME played on ancient-ass instrument

ball so hard

Need proof that  Super Mario Bros. is a fixed, universal constant? That its signature tune is actually a direct wave-length that helps us attain Nirvana? In this next fucking video the theme is played on an Old as Fuck Instrument (that’s actually the name, don’t question me, question the translator) and it sounds goddamn stellar.

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Space Swoon: Tarantula Nebula is hyperactive spider in our galactic hood


Hey kids! Do you want to learn about the Tarantula Nebula? Why, it’s enormous as fuckactive as fuck, and generally has been known to swagger through the cosmos with a bravado described as “The Rock meets Gandhi meets the Grim Reaper.” Hey, don’t ask me. I didn’t come up with it.

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‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Promo Clip: Hear Rocket Raccoon go full Cooper


Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon is weird. Not at all what I’d picture, want, or cast. But hey whatever it is more Guardians material to sci-wank over.

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Ben McKenzie is JAMES GORDON on Fox’s ‘GOTHAM.’

Ben McKenzie.

Anyone have an opinion on Ben McKenzie? In general? Unfortunately, I don’t. I’m one of those butt heads who helped submarine Southland by never watching it despite great reviews. (I think it had great reviews?) McKenzie has a better chance at ensnaring me in his next role, playing a young Jimmy Gordon in Gotham.

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Netflix has officially renewed ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ for third season. Maniacal cackle!

House of Cards.

It seems like mere months ago I was laughing at the idea that House of Cards wouldn’t go past a second season. There were rumors that it was done after a second jaunt, and I was all pfft! LOL. Now grant you, it was a nervous laugh. But my posturing has been rewarded! With something like ten days to go until the premiere of the second season, House of Cards has officially been picked up for a third. Hellfuckingyeah.

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Enormous ‘EVE ONLINE’ battle erupts after unpaid bill. n00b move, bruh

You Dun Goofed.

The stories surrounding EVE Online‘s epic battles are always more interesting than the battles themselves. Oh sure I enjoy them in an abstract manner, but I’ve never been able to sit through a YouTube video of one. None the less the latest kerfuffle is the result of yet another interesting tale. Usually these tales involve subterfuge, espionage. This time it involved…an unpaid bill.

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