Crazy Aquaman rumor for ‘Batman v. Superman’


Let’s talk Batman v. Superman rumors! Yeah why the fuck not! It’s Monday night! I’m sitting in shorts, my Padmé Amidala baby doll, and my comfy crocs. Ain’t got nowhere to go. Ain’t got nothing better to do. The latest rumor involves newly christened OL Babe Khal Drogo (ever since the great booth flyby of 2014) and his role as Aquaman.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ TGS Gameplay Demo: The Behemoth Cometh

Totally Not Cloud.

The first five or so minutes of this “gameplay demo” is pretty fucking boring. But then a wild behemoth appears and you get to see FFXV‘s battle system in action. Which I’m diggin’.

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No Sh*t Rumor: Obi-Wan getting standalone ‘Star Wars’ flick


In what is apparently a *rumor*, but what strikes me as *no fucking shit*, there’s murmurings that Obi-Wan is getting his own standalone movie. Like, this is obvious, right?

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Robin Williams has passed away at age 63.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams has passed away of a suspected suicide. Ugh. Dude will always be legend in my eyes for his performances in countless movies, from Mrs. Doubtfire to Dead Poets Society. Double ugh.

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Sony thinking about PlayStation 4 early access program

PlayStation Mania.

For the past couple of weeks, Bateman, Rendar, and I have been rocking BroForce on Steam. It is not a finished game. However, it is awesome. So long as you take it with a grain of salt, recognizing that it is in-progress. So knowing what love I have for the early title, I’m more than stoked that Sony is thinking of offering a a similar program.

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Hungarian ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ poster is incomprehensible beauty

2001- A Space Odyssey. Hungarian poster.

…cause like, I’m dumb, and a fat American, and I don’t speak Hungarian!

RIAN JOHNSON writing and directing ‘EPISODE VIII’, writing ‘Episode IX’ treatment

Rian Johnson

Of course huge Star Wars news drops while I’m on my way to a wedding. And away from my computer for an entire day. Of course.

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51% of BITCOIN MINING done by one ANONYMOUS entity

Homeboy is taking his talents to the fucking Bitcoin.

And there will be BITCOIN FREEDOM FOR ALL CRYPTOCURRENCY FREEDOM FREEDOM DAMN THE MAN BORDERLESS DRUG BUYING. Except now it seems that 51% of Bitcoin mining is coming from one anonymous source. Who, if you know fucking anything about Life, is the Steve Jobs-led Illuminati on a terraformed Mars.

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Amazon now feuding with Warner Bros, no more ‘LEGO MOVIE’ pre-orders

lego the movie

Man. Amazon’s already shitting on my lazy, entitled, complacent shitty life because of their beef with Hachette Books. I can’t fucking pre-order the new book in The Expanse! Fuck! Ya’ll forcing me to go to Barnes & Noble, and that’s some shit. But now they’re feuding with Warner Bros., and would-be buyers of LEGO Movie are paying the goddamn price.

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‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ poster features The Rocket and the Tree

the rocket

Makes sense that the first character poster for Guardians of the Galaxy is trumping up the Rocketing Raccoon and the Tree Guy. The fuzzy one is seeming like a soon-to-be-star, and Disney hasn’t missed a chance to point out that his body guard is voiced by Vinny Diesel. Behold the full version post-cut.

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