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‘Scandal’ creator jumps ship from ABC to Netflix as the Streaming Arms Race continues

scandal creator abc netflix shonda rhimes

I don’t really fuck with anything the creator of Scandal has done. Due to time, not dislike. Scandal seems pretty enjoyable. But, I’m here with popcorn, dude. This streaming arms race between Disney and Netflix is great slop culture theater.

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Disney ending deal with Netflix to create its own streaming service. Great, another friggin’ one

disney ending netflix deal creating streaming service

It seems obvious that Netflix and Disney are in a War to Absorb All Our Pop Culture. The latest shot in the war finds Disney severing their ties with Netflix, and intent on creating their own streaming service. Man. Remember those halcyon days when we all thought that cord-cutting was going to save us money? Seems so long ago. Now we’re all scrambling, trying to find someone’s Hulu login, while bartering with our own fucking Netlix login to gain someone else’s HBO Go password. Yeah, fuck. Now there’s another service, another one! Christ.

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Netflix acquires Mark Millar’s ‘Millarworld’, home of ‘Kingsman’ and ‘Kick-Ass’, becoming your #1 stop for derivative titles

netflix acquire mark millar millarworld

I have a love-hate relationship with Mark Millar. In that I hate his derivative, shock-jock ass, but I enjoyed the Kingsman. He used to be a prime target here on OL, but I’ve sort of just decided to forget about him. But here he is! Like all lost loves-hates, bubbling back up. The author’s “Millarworld” has been acquired by Netflix, who will being producing content based on his titles.

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Netflix has past 100 million subscribers, added 5.2 million last quarter

netflix subscribers 100 million

Netflix just feels like an institution at this point, right? It’s easy to forget it’s actually a company, and not woven into the DNA of our pop culture (or maybe its both?). But yes, it’s a business, and it’s doing quite fucking well.

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Mondo bringing beautiful ‘Contra’ and ‘Castlevania’ posters exclusively to SDCC

contra poster sdcc

Man, fuck. There aren’t many times lately when I wish I was attending SDCC. The entire apparatus has grown wildly out of control, mutating into a bloated pop culture hype machine. That said, watch in amusement at how quickly I contradict myself, since I really wish I was going this year to snag these gorgeous Mondo posters for Castlevania and Contra. Or, I suppose, attempt to snag them, given how quickly exclusives sell out.

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John Romero auctioned off his ‘Doom 2’ floppies for over $3,000

john romero doom 2 floppies

Rip and tear your bank account, amirite? Still though, would be fun to own these fucking cultural artifacts. If you count simple floppies owned by a game’s creator as cultural artifacts. (I think I do?)

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‘Super Mario’ postage stamps coming to Japan, awesome but like who mails stuff

super mario stamps japan

I’ve probably mailed like, three things in my life. A testament not only to my incredible juvenility, but also the decline of you know, physical letters. But! If I lived in Japan, and I had to mail shit, I would be all over this.

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Rumor: Apple considering buying Disney for $200 Billion. Hail The Monoculture!

apple buying disney 200 billion

If Apple buys Disney, our culture would be consolidated to such a degree, if it isn’t already, that I’ll probably begin removing my teeth fillings and building my cabin in the woods.

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Watch: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ In ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Is The Nightmare You’d Expect

Seeing Mario run around vaguely realistic humans in Super Mario Odyssey was already a nightmare. So, why not double down and imagine this ill-fitting juxtaposition in Grand Theft Auto 4? There is no reason, I say! No reason!

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KFC’s Latest Tech Suggests Orders Based On Your Face

kfc orders based on face

KFC has some new technology that is ready to suggests orders to you. Based on your face. Hey, makes sense. I’m always hungry for some Deep Fried Sadness and Flatulence-Caked Mashed Potatoes.

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