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Disney-Fox deal is expected to be announced on Thursday. The Monoculture embiggens!

disney fox deal thursday announcement

Yeah, we’re going to be getting some X-Men in our Marvel Studios movies, folks. I know that’s what everyone is interested in, as it pertains to the fucking Disney-Fox deal. That, and not, you know, Disney slowly acquiring our entire goddamn culture. X-Men! With the Avengers! Wee!

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Disney could close deal with Fox for its film and TV properties as early as next fucking week

disney fox close deal next week

Folks, it seems as though Disney’s fattening is going to continue. If you believe the tea leaves and the echo chamber, consummation may begin as soon as next week.

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Disney was in talks to buy 21st Century Fox properties, as it continues to engorge itself on all culture

disney 21st century fox buying

According to a shit load of reports yesterday, Disney was in talks to buy a significant amount of properties from 21st Century Fox. Admittedly, the news was both bonerfying and terrifying. A mix of “holy shit, Wolverine in the Avengers” and “dear god, Disney owns all of Western culture”, you know?

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KFC Japan is selling bath bombs that smell like fried chicken. We deserve our fates at this point

kfc japan bath bomb fried chicken

There’s something always freeing in seeing humanity collectively shrug at progress, and just lean into our collective rot. Like, how else am I supposed to interpret fucking fried chicken scented bath bombs?

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Watch: If Alex Jones did voiceover work for ‘Doom’ is the best thing you’ll watch today. I fucking promise.

Netflix drops ‘Stranger Things’ old school mobile game. Also gives a middle finger to oversaturation

netflix stranger things mobile game

Netflix has dropped a Stranger Things game on mobile devices today, seemingly out of nowhere. Assuredly the company intends on pumping the fucking brain-plate of the collective consciousness full of the Upside Down Shit, to celebrate the second season’s release this month.

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Nicolas Cage has been turned into a snack in Japan, a country which clearly gets it

nicolas cage japanese snack

Nicolas Cage has been turned into a snack in Japan. Typically I spread cheeks and push when it comes to promotional materials for movies. However, this one clearly fucking nails it.

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Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ movies *will* be exclusive to Disney’s new streaming service

marvel star wars disney streaming service exclusive

Remember when Disney announced they were starting a streaming service? And when they said they were taking their Marvel and Star Wars flicks and going home? But then Netflix was like woah woah, we’re going to negotiate and try and keep them? Well, Netflix ain’t keeping them. They’re going to be exclusive to the House of Mouse’s streaming service.

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‘Scandal’ creator jumps ship from ABC to Netflix as the Streaming Arms Race continues

scandal creator abc netflix shonda rhimes

I don’t really fuck with anything the creator of Scandal has done. Due to time, not dislike. Scandal seems pretty enjoyable. But, I’m here with popcorn, dude. This streaming arms race between Disney and Netflix is great slop culture theater.

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Disney ending deal with Netflix to create its own streaming service. Great, another friggin’ one

disney ending netflix deal creating streaming service

It seems obvious that Netflix and Disney are in a War to Absorb All Our Pop Culture. The latest shot in the war finds Disney severing their ties with Netflix, and intent on creating their own streaming service. Man. Remember those halcyon days when we all thought that cord-cutting was going to save us money? Seems so long ago. Now we’re all scrambling, trying to find someone’s Hulu login, while bartering with our own fucking Netlix login to gain someone else’s HBO Go password. Yeah, fuck. Now there’s another service, another one! Christ.

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