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Disney has gained full control of Hulu as the company continues to buy our entire fucking culture

disney hulu full control

Jesus Titty Fucking Christ, Disney is back at it. The company has gained full control of Hulu, ahead of Disney Plus launching. Not good for our culture, hopefully good for bringing back Daredevil. Maybe?

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McDonald’s is installing AI-Powered kiosks to predict our orders. Our gluttony, simplified for us!

mcdonalds ai powered kiosk

McDonald’s is getting into the AI game, apparently. In order to predict our orders, The Company That Sells Delicious Pink Goop is going to be installing AI-powered kiosks. Keep Reading »

Drake gave Arya a shoutout at Billboard Music Awards, thereby condemning her to death on ‘Game of Thrones’

drake night king shirt

Drake’s endorsement of a sports team usually condemns them to playoff heartbreak. So, ya’ll fans of Arya might want to say a novena. ‘Cause last night the rapper dropped a shoutout to her at the Billboard Music Awards, which can only mean one thing. Logically.

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“Mean” Gene Okerlund has died at age 76. This one feels particularly bad to me, my dudes

mean gene okerlund dead age 76

An inestimably large part of my childhood has sloughed the mortal coil today, friends. Here’s to him helping cut glorious promos in the sky with Macho Man and others.


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Have a stunningly good Christmas, friends!

Rob Liefeld shared an image of John Cena as his famous Captain America and its fucking blessed

rob liefeld john cena cap america

Everyone knows Rob Liefeld’s classic Captain America image. Even if they don’t know Rob Liefeld, they know. That’s because it’s fucking amazing. Now, Liefeld has shared an image of John Cena in that classic image, responding to rumors that Cena may play Rogers. Granted, the rumor is baseless, but the image is classic.

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Disney’s plan to acquire Fox is back on after they up their offer to $70 fucking billion

disney fox deal back on

Okay, okay, fellow MCU losers. We can untie our balls, unfill our asses, our sacrifices to the curiously erotic Gods of Pop Culture have been heard. Disney has sweetened its offer to acquire Fox’s film and television assets, and the deal is back on.

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Comcast is officially bidding for Fox’s properties, setting-up fight with Disney

comcast bidding fox disney

Fucking Comcast! Come on. Come on, dude. All of us MCU nerds were already stroking our pink giblets to the idea of a unified Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t do this do us. Don’t.

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Dicklord Comcast trying to stop that Disney/Fox merger with its own bid. Potentially killing unified MCU wet dreams everywhere

comcast interrupt fox disney merger bid

Fucking Comcast, man. Trying to interrupt the fucking Disney/Fox merger with a bid of their own. Can you imagine if this monolithic turd salad actually pulled this off? Like, after we’ve, the unwashed MCU fanboys, have spent so many restless evenings jacking it to the thought of Wolverine in the Avengers? If we’re going to have the nauseating merger of two giant corporate entities, give me the one that results in Deadpool hanging out with Bucky. Not this bullshit.

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Watch: The final scene from ‘Whiplash’ set to the music from ‘F-Zero’ is fucking perfect

God-Tier mash-up, friends. God-Tier.

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