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Dicklord Comcast trying to stop that Disney/Fox merger with its own bid. Potentially killing unified MCU wet dreams everywhere

comcast interrupt fox disney merger bid

Fucking Comcast, man. Trying to interrupt the fucking Disney/Fox merger with a bid of their own. Can you imagine if this monolithic turd salad actually pulled this off? Like, after we’ve, the unwashed MCU fanboys, have spent so many restless evenings jacking it to the thought of Wolverine in the Avengers? If we’re going to have the nauseating merger of two giant corporate entities, give me the one that results in Deadpool hanging out with Bucky. Not this bullshit.

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Watch: The final scene from ‘Whiplash’ set to the music from ‘F-Zero’ is fucking perfect

God-Tier mash-up, friends. God-Tier.

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Report: Sony may be selling its TV and movie rights. The Marvel Studios consolidation continues?

sony selling film and tv asserts

Sony may be looking to get into that selling-their-film-and-TV-assets game, folks. It’s hard not to imagine the House of Mouse swooping in, if this sale is legit. This is notable news for comic book movie fans, as well as those who fear Disney owning the entirety of Western culture. But, hey! Maybe we’ll have Venom in Avengers 7!

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Oscar Season Post

oscar season post

I don’t understand Oscar season.

As an anxiety-riddled, hyperventilating-mess, the glands in my brain-pipes often don’t work well enough for me to understand much. But I’m sure, even after a fresh dump, a jettisoned load, and my favorite strain of THC, I still wouldn’t understand Awards season.

I get watching a bunch of people sucking one another off. Covering each other in fluids and fantasy, moaning and churning against one another, hoping for the big finish to end up in their hands.

But, I still don’t understand Oscar season.

Or, maybe it’s that I understand Oscar season. And I hate it.

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Watch: Dumb Ass Students at Frat Party suck on Wii Remote, thinking it is a vape.

watch students frat party wii remote vape

This is about as good as it’s going to get today, friends. After the jump, because, you know, Twitter video.

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Rumor: Apple is thinking about buying Netflix, cause Disney or something, right?

apple buying netflix

Apple can’t just sit around and let Disney buy up our culture! Hell to the fuck to the no! So, what’s an equally aspiring monolith to do in the face of Disney’s Fox acquisition? It’s simple, friends. Buy Netflix.

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Watch: Run The Jewels syncs up perfectly with ‘Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives’, praise the slop culture apocalypse

run the jewels diners drive in dives sync up

I, I don’t know how people fucking figure these things out. That said, I’m glad that someone decided to do so. RTJ? Guy Fieri? The mash-up we didn’t know we needed. May it be a light for you in these dark times.

After the jump, because the Twitter video player is garbage.

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Disney-Fox deal is expected to be announced on Thursday. The Monoculture embiggens!

disney fox deal thursday announcement

Yeah, we’re going to be getting some X-Men in our Marvel Studios movies, folks. I know that’s what everyone is interested in, as it pertains to the fucking Disney-Fox deal. That, and not, you know, Disney slowly acquiring our entire goddamn culture. X-Men! With the Avengers! Wee!

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Disney could close deal with Fox for its film and TV properties as early as next fucking week

disney fox close deal next week

Folks, it seems as though Disney’s fattening is going to continue. If you believe the tea leaves and the echo chamber, consummation may begin as soon as next week.

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Disney was in talks to buy 21st Century Fox properties, as it continues to engorge itself on all culture

disney 21st century fox buying

According to a shit load of reports yesterday, Disney was in talks to buy a significant amount of properties from 21st Century Fox. Admittedly, the news was both bonerfying and terrifying. A mix of “holy shit, Wolverine in the Avengers” and “dear god, Disney owns all of Western culture”, you know?

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