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Mountain Dew has released a cookbook to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Every day we stray further from God.

mountain dew cookbook

Mountain Dew has its own cookbook, folks. Many, many people have told me this, knowing my love for Diet Dew. That said, its existence does feel as though its an affront to God and man alike. But I ain’t turning down some Mountain Dew pancakes if you make ’em for me. Just saying. Let’s revel in sin and gluttony together, while the Lord plans his next flood.

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Zuckerberg has staff blow-dry his armpits before speeches. No, seriously. That human suit a bit warm, eh?

mark zuckerberg armpits blow dry

More proof that Mark Zuckerberg is a filthy reptilian. Dude needs his staff to blow-dry his armpits before speeches. Obviously, this is a clear sign he’s running hot under his human suit.

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Netflix testing feature to speed-up episodes. Nothing says we’re fucking pop culture slobs like this, eh?

netflix speed up feature

Hey! Pop culture pig! Stuffing your brain with distraction and garbage! Want to stuff more into your brain much quicker? Well, does Netflix have the test feature for you! That’s right! Watch MORE shit EVEN MORE MINDLESSLY in order to avoid the Big Scary Unknown.

The company has gone from hosting Black Mirror to becoming one of its episodes. Wee!

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Domino’s Japan has a “Halloween Roulette” pizza with ghost pepper sauce in one random slice. Chaos, fucking chaos, I love it.

Domino’s Japan up on that gimmicky but awesome tip, friends. They’ve created the Halloween Roulette pizza, which features ghost pepper sauce. Hidden in one slice.

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Disney has revealed the staggering list of all the content dropping Day One on its streaming service. And, goddamn, it’s overwhelming

disney+ every show movie

Disney ain’t just generating an overwhelming amount of original idiot-stew for its streaming service. Though, it’s certainly doing that. I mean, they have already announced an insane amount of upcoming content that appeals to the capes-and-lasers child in me. But additionally, they have revealed the almost suffocating amount of Day 1 Content.

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KFC is testing out the “chicken donut” sandwich and we deserve our calamitous fate

kfc chicken donut

KFC is testing out a motherfucking chicken donut sandwich, and it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Shit like this? Man, it makes me think the asteroid should hurry the fuck up.

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Disney reveals plans for Marvel-themed park called “Avengers Campus” so we can all be adult children forever, great

avengers campus disney

I’m torn. On one hand, I really want to go to Avengers Campus. On the other hand? All this jerking off to Marvel and other pop culture has me feeling like we’re stuck in some sort of permanent adolescence. Eh, whatever. The Amazon is burning, you’ve never been closer to death. Go have fun.

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Here is every device Disney+ will stream on at launch. Like, no fucking Smart TVs tho?

disney plus streaming devices

Disney has dropped the last of devices that Disney+ will be available at launch. And, like. This is the essence of a first-world problem: it ain’t launching on any Smart TVs. The fuck?

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WordPress is buying Tumblr. They better leave my outlet for booty alone, I beg them!

I spend roughly 85% of my waking life staring at butts on Tumblr. Actually, that may be a conservative estimate. Anyways, WordPress is buying my favorite platform. And if I could say anything to them? Yeah, fine, don’t bring back the porn. But, leave my booty-watching alone.

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Atomik Grain Spirit is vodka made from grains taken from Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. ‘Fallout’ fans, pop your boners!

atomik grain spirit chernobyl

I feel as though it’s particularly Fallout to take a rip of this shit. This shit? Atomik Grain Spirit, a vodka made from grains taken from Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone.

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