Mountain Dew has released a cookbook to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Every day we stray further from God.

mountain dew cookbook

Mountain Dew has its own cookbook, folks. Many, many people have told me this, knowing my love for Diet Dew. That said, its existence does feel as though its an affront to God and man alike. But I ain’t turning down some Mountain Dew pancakes if you make ’em for me. Just saying. Let’s revel in sin and gluttony together, while the Lord plans his next flood.

Pop Sugar:

As someone who once spent an entire summer drinking limited-edition Mountain Dew Coolattas from Dunkin Donuts, I was delighted to hear that Mountain Dew recently published an official cookbook in celebration of the brand’s 80th anniversary. “Who on earth would buy that?” my mom naively questioned. Well, apparently everyone, including myself, wanted to get their hands on a copy, because The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes ($30) sold out within two hours of its release — that’s two cookbooks per minute! But don’t worry — they’re back in stock as of Nov. 24 at 2 p.m. ET.

Filled with 40 fan-made, fan-inspired, and fan-favorite recipes grouped into categories like “Bada$$ Breakfasts” and “Dang Good Desserts,” the cookbook features a comprehensive compilation of snacks and entrées for every Mountain Dew fan, both novice and expert chef alike. While you’re waiting to get your hands on your own copy of The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes, keep reading for a few book highlights you can check out in the meantime.