‘Coming 2 America’ Teaser Trailer: Eddie Murphy and the Rest of the Gang is Back (in America)!

Here’s the teaser trailer for Coming 2 America, baby! Which fucking reminds me, I really need to watch the original flick again. Especially, you know, to prepare for the sequel!


Last week was huge for movie lovers waiting for the highly-anticipated sequel to Eddie Murphy’s classic 1988 comedy Coming to America. Not only did a number of photos from the film hit the Internet, but we got to hear Murphy’s thoughts on returning to Zamunda, as well as Arsenio Hall and Tray Morgan giving us their honest thoughts on making what Amazon Studios considers to be the streaming event of 2021 in Coming 2 America. Today, Amazon Studios is back with a teaser trailer for the film, giving us a rough look at what we can expect from this Craig Brewer-directed flick.

King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones), who appears to be very sick, lets his son Prince Akeem (Murphy) know that he’s set to become King of Zamunda, but that the title of Prince has to be passed to a male heir…and that Akeem indeed has a male heir to his throne that he must bring back to Zamunda. This of course means that Akeem and his guy Semmi (Hall) must take a trip back to America.

From there, we get a look at Eddie and Arsenio doing what Eddie and Arsenio do best: being funny as hell. It’s also dope to catch glimpses of the guys in the barbershop (many of them portrayed by Eddie and Arsenio), Reverend Brown (portrayed by Arsenio), and Randy Watson (portrayed by Eddie) in the mix, as are everyone from Shari Headley (who plays Lisa, Akeem’s wife), Teyana Taylor, and Wesley Snipes included. Being that this is a teaser trailer, we aren’t seeing much of what Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, or Tracy Morgan have in store, but this feels like a return to Coming to America.

Check out the teaser trailer for Coming 2 America—which premieres on March 5, 2021 via Prime Video—up above, and scroll down for a teaser poster and all of the photos that were released last week. You’re welcome.