‘Coming 2 America’ Teaser Trailer: Eddie Murphy and the Rest of the Gang is Back (in America)!

Here’s the teaser trailer for Coming 2 America, baby! Which fucking reminds me, I really need to watch the original flick again. Especially, you know, to prepare for the sequel!

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‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ coming to Netflix with option for a fifth. I’m fucking in, dudes!

beverly hills cop 4 netflix

just recently saw Beverly Hills Cop for the first time! But, man I fucking loved it. So completely ignorant to the quality of the sequels, the news of Beverly Hills Cop 4 on Netflix excites me.

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‘TWINS’ Sequel ‘TRIPLETS’ In Works. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito…And Eddie Murphy. The F**k.

The  Schwarzenegger and DeVito jam Twins  is a warm fuzzy memory from my childhood. Like almost all the other films from my childhood that were fuzzy memories, Hollywood now seems intent on plopping a dollop of feces right upon it.

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