Space Swoon: Hubble captures the beauty of the Coma Cluster’s 1,000 galaxies

This Hubble Space Telescope mosaic is of a portion of the immense Coma cluster of over 1,000 galaxies, located 300 million light-years from Earth. Hubble's incredible sharpness was used to conduct a comprehensive census of the cluster's most diminutive members: a whopping 22,426 globular star clusters. Among the earliest homesteaders of the universe, globular star clusters are snow-globe-shaped islands of several hundred thousand ancient stars. The survey found the globular clusters scattered in the space between the galaxies. They have been orphaned from their home galaxies through galaxy tidal interactions within the bustling cluster. Astronomers will use the globular cluster field for mapping the distribution of matter and dark matter in the Coma galaxy cluster. The study, published in the November 9, 2018, issue of The Astrophysical Journal, will allow for astronomers to use the globular cluster field to map the distribution of matter and dark matter in the Coma galaxy cluster.

Check out this goddamn sublime glory. Over 1,000 galaxies. Over 300 million light-years from Earth.

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Space Swoon: NASA InSight Lander sends back gorgeous image of the Martian horizon

nasa insight lander mars landscape

It can feel like everything is shit these days, for sure. I get it, I get it. But, when I’m down, news like this picks me up a notch. We got a goddamn lander sending back pictures from Mars. Mars!

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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover has chosen its landing site, the Jezero Crater

nasa mars rover jezero crater

Kepler may be dead, but an upcoming mission to Mars is a great way to get over the loss. To that end, NASA has announced where the Mars Rover will be landing in 2020. Where? The Jezero Crater. I don’t know it, it sounds rad as fuck, let’s go!

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NASA bids goodnight to Kepler with final set of commands. Fare thee well, sweet telescope!

nasa kepler goodnight command

The Kepler telescope has found so many goddamn dope things out in the cosmos. But, now it is time for the sweet telescope to sleep. NASA has given the telescope a final set of “goodnight’ commands to the telescope on the anniversary of Johannes Kepler’s death. A fitting end.

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Space Swoon: This image of Jupiter taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft is goddamn gorgeous

nasa juno spacecraft jupiter

Space, is in fact, the motherfucking place.

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The Kepler Space Telescope is dead. Long live the fucking Kepler Space Telescope!

kepler space telescope dead

Folks, the Kepler Space Telescope is dead. However, it shall not be forgotten by any means. The telescope is responsible for finding, conservatively, a fuck-ton of exoplanets. Therefore, we must remember it always. Dead, but alive forever.

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The Mars Curiosity Rover is operational again, baby! Ain’t got time to die!

mars curiosity rover operational

Curiosity is back up and running, motherfuckers! Granted, its limited in its operations. But that’s better than nothing, no?

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Jupiter’s moon Europa got five-story spikes of ice. Sounds dope, makes landing on the moon a pain in the ass

jupiter moon europa frozen spikes

Space is fucking metal, my dudes. Jupiter’s moon Europa has got five-story spikes of ice! This sounds fucking dope! However, it makes the prospect of landing on Europa decidedly more difficult.

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Astronomers may have found the first “exomoon” which is rad as it fucking sounds

space exomoon

I sort of thought that we had just found exomoons already. However, we hadn’t! At least not until now. That’s right, fuckers. Astronomers may have found the first exomoon.

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NASA plans to send humans back to Moon’s surface in little over a decade. Fuck yes!

nasa back to moon 2024

We going back to the Moon, baby! Right back to its surface! Provided, you know, the Collapse doesn’t occur between now and 2024. Be optimistic! I’ll try!

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