#Monday Morning Commute

Monday Morning Commute: Life Is What It Makes Of You

life is what it makes of you

Hey, friends. Come in, but come in quickly. It’s cold outside, and I don’t want the fire from the wood stove leaking out into the unforgiving late Autumn atmosphere. But I’m glad you’re joining me on this Monday. What am I up to? Oh! This here is Monday Morning Commute, the weekly column where I share with you what’s doing down in my life. I cave in admittance to the various songs, shows, books, and video games that I’m clinging to in an attempt to Successfully Surf the Life Existential.

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Thanksgiving Week Commute: Drunk On Turkey and Stuffed With Love


Ah, yeah! It’s Thanksgiving Week! Which means the most glorious span of six weeks or so is kicking off! Holiday season! Days upon days of getting fat, fiddling with candy canes (interpret that as you will), getting fat, drinking with friends, getting fat, playing video games, and this year, seeing TheWarStars Movie over and over again!

Typically we rock a Monday Morning Commute here, but what the fuck. Let’s go nuts. A lot of people are already off, a lot of people are going to be off, and those who aren’t getting any time off are obviously welcome to use this place as a refuge.

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: Debugging The Omniverse

debugging the omniverse

Man! Been a minute since I opened my door here on the Space-Ship Omega. Specifically because when I’ve had time, I’ve been wandering the Wasteland, post-Vault Door. But how about when I haven’t been? I’ve been grading papers, hanging out with the Wife and friends, grading papers, working. And I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve noticed something.

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Monday Morning Commute: His Brains Burst With Remarkable Grace

mmc ~

Monday Morning Commute! The weekly column where all of us gather (you! and you! and you! and you and you and you! all of you!) to share what we’re excited in a given week. I’m going to level with you — this week for me it is pretty much That Game and Everything Else In My Life. A deep, delineating chasm can be seen from PsychicSpace, and it represents how neatly my life has been cleaved into two this week.

But I suppose I’m doing some other things this week, and I suppose you may be doing something else as well! So let’s gab about our existential happenings and all that gobbledygook.

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Monday Morning Commute: Reality Is A (Thin) Membrane!


Come one, come all, into Monday Morning Commute. The one-stop weekly existential circle jerk for everyone: from degenerates, to sinful nuts. From scholars, to scatalogical 7-Eleven workers. I want you all. Staring into the Cosmos, I bellow. Give me your perverted, give me your poor. Your despondent, your determined, your omni-dimensional, poly-sexual, pan-physical space lords.   I want you all, so long as you follow the faintly scrawled rules upon the walls of this  residence– the pop culture geek lord glory hole in the stank bathroom of the Internet. First, you listen to what I’m looking forward to this week. Second, you respond in kind, sharing your own anticipations and musings, so long as you follow the golden rule: god damn it, you’ve got to be kind.

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Monday Morning Commute: Carl’s HMO Didn’t Cover His Cybernetic Lungs


Hello, Sentient Folk. Welcome to Monday Morning Commute. This is the weekly call-and-answer column that sits atop the throne of existential feces that is The First Day of the Work Week. Within this aforementioned conglomerate of poorly formed sentences, cheap dick jokes, and the passive voice, I tell you what I’m looking forward to during a given week.

Then you holler back with your own choice arts, games, movies, comics, songs, philosophical musings. Let’s do this! Together!

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Monday Morning Commute: The air was crap, but the SynthiBeef™ was half-decent


Ah, the early evening on a Monday of a long weekend. The past few days a welcomed respite from the grind of the semester. The next few days an unwelcome reminder of the daily grind. But I should not be too glib — I’m well rested, psychologically mending, and certain that I can grit out the next few days on campus. Though, if I may subvert and contradict myself — some of the “longest” weeks are those coming on the heels of an extended break. The body, it adjusts so quickly to levity, gaiety, enjoyment. 11 o’clock existential start times. Alas! Alack! Enough grousing.

Allow me to embrace this Monday Morning (non-)Commute. Allow me to share what’s going on in my world, what’s on my mind, and the armada of distractions I’m either using, or anticipating, to help me through this week. Then share your own! Let’s do it as a “squad” if you “will” you know?

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: Dad Says The Atomic Bomb Is A High-Five From Zeus


Welcome! SpartanFuckLords! To Tuesday Afternoon Commute! The day late edition of Monday Morning Commute! I’ll level with you. I worked until 7:45 pm yesterday. By the time I got home (8:30), ate dinner (turkey chili) and began to relax (put on sweatpants and ate an entire box of Star Wars Chez-Its while laying down), I was no longer willing to open my backpack. Unleash my computer. Type up this column! But now it’s here! Monday Morning Commute! By way of Tuesday Afternoon Commute!

This column! Where we share the ArtsFartsBooksBeatsVideoGamesEtc we are looking forward to enjoying during a given week! I’ll go first! Then you share what you’re up to this week! What are you drinking? Playing? Reading? Ruminating over? Let me know~

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: A Toast to Earth Being Toast!


Here’s a toast to the douchebags! Here’s a toast to the gluttons! To the slave drivers, to the apathetic consumers. Here’s a toast to the MarauderCorporations! To the BottomLineSwine, to the trash mongers! Earth is Toast, so let’s share a toast! Ain’t nothing we can do about it anyways. Let’s dance while the Palaces Burn! Together! And what a perfect column to do so in.

Monday Morning Commute Tuesday Afternoon Commute. Here’s a toast to the hard workers! To the people just trying to get by, to the loved ones who love their loved ones. Monday Morning Commute Tuesday Afternoon Commute. Where us trash mongers, hard workers, BottomLineSwine, we can all gather. Share what we’re up to this week. Be it the books we’re reading, the road trips we’re taking, the kids we’re trying to raise.

We’re all in this together, so let’s hold hands as we rocket not into Space, but off the cliff.

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Monday Morning Commute: My Detox Is Your Overdose

my detox is your overdose

Ah, autumn. Brings with it apparently the hottest day of the fucking year here in Massachusetts tomorrow. But also! The usual meanderings. Football is back, praise the Elder Ones. School is back, praise the Old Things. And with school being back comes my typical beginning-of-the-semester renunciation of caffeine. To an extent. I’ll level with you — I have to get up at 7 am. And while many call that “normal”, I call that “an hour and forty-five minutes before I’m used to.” With the knowledge that I must RISE~ earlier, I’m trying to scale back my caffeine consumption. So I can go to bed at an earlier time. Let me tell you — I still have enough caffeine in my blood to stop your heart twice over — but goddamn if my skull ain’t pounding. My jaw clenching. My eyes twitching. My detox is your overdose, but I’m going to make it through.

I hope.

Anyways! This here is Monday Morning Commute. That means I’m about to list the various activities, arts, comics, and cool happenings I’m looking forward to this week. After I’m done babbling about my poor choices (though I will admit I’m sweating a couple of things this week v. much), you share own weekly interests.

Let’s do this! With clenched jaws and slightly less prominent heart palpitations!

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