Monday Morning Commute: It’s Okay To Be Excited

mmc its okay

It’s okay to be excited, my friends! I know we live in a callous world, with Billionaires Bouncing Around The Atmosphere while people starve, as the world burns. I know we live in a callous world, with Talking Heads Politicizing A Lifesaving Vaccine. But the majority of us sentient sacks of star dust are just trying to get by. Make a little love, eat a little food, share in some authentic and fulfilling moments.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the muck, the miasma, and the misery. Lord knows, we all eat enough nut shots on a micro and macro level on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis But fuck! Push back! Fight back! Salvage the simplistic moments and appreciate the good.

It’s easier said than done, sure. I’m guilty as fuck of succumbing to the Daunting Nature of It All. One of my superpowers is really just fretting about the past, the present, and the ever arriving future. At the same time though, I try to appreciate the small glimpses into peace and tranquility.

Some weeks it’s fucking hard!

Not this week though, nope! Motherfuckers this week I’m finally done with remote learning. Finally, finally, finally. After seventeen months and four-and-a-half semesters. What a miserable, enlightening, challenging, occasionally rewarding, and emotionally eviscerating experience. I’m not sure I got much from it, I’m not sure I could do it again, but after this week I won’t be asked to for the time being.

Let’s hang the fuck out, friends. Hang the fuck out, and dare I say, be excited about shit! This is Monday Morning Commute!



Over the past few weeks I’ve just been watching I Think You Should Leave‘s second season on repeat. Just absolutely repeating the motherfucker. It’s a solid follow-up to the first season, and where it lacks in equal amounts of laughs, it makes up for it in really absurd, oddly touching moments. I appreciate the shit out of the show, because it captures the absurdist of existence, and then just fucking doubles down on it. Triples down, even.

Meanwhile, the second season of Ted Lasso drops on Friday. Fucking hell yes! Lasso is a testament to the idea that maybe not everything is awful, which is a sentiment that has gotten away from it. As I said above, the vast majority of us are just people trying to get by, hopping from one moment to the next. The show dares to ask, “What if we focus on all the good people do?” as opposed to the overly nihilistic oeuvre our culture feeds us. It’s refreshing, and I’d argue needed.


.video games

Bateman and I beat Resident Evil VIII last week, and it was fun as fuck! It certainly dropped off a cliff towards the end, and the ending was Peak Japanese Bullshit. Good news, though! Bateman and I both gobble Peak Japanese Bullshit up! Just get it all over ourselves. Stuck in our beards, halfway down our pants, in crevices.

As well, we’ll continue our Cyber Shadow journey on Saturday! I know, I know. We’ve fucking sucked when it comes to streaming this Summer. What can I fucking say, the world opened up, and everyone got busy.



The most notable shit I’ve been watching, movie-wise, is the Fear Street trilogy that dropped over the past three weeks on Netflix. Overall? It’s fucking solid! I’m a honk for the middle movie, given that it’s a camp slasher. But the three movies tie together extremely well, and manage to get you emotionally involved in the characters. Like, I wasn’t expecting a lesbian romance to be the driving factor of a kid’s horror novel series adaptation, but fucking A. Sign me up for it, and the various allegories it takes with it.

The movies ain’t going to blow you the fuck away, but check them out if you’re down for some memorable characters, nostalgia bombs, and occasional righteous kills.


You know, that’s really it for me right now. I’ve had so much goddamn shit going on in my life, that I haven’t truly been ingesting much content. Survival mode, and all that happy horseshit! Ain’t even cracked open The Tommyknockers in a couple of weeks. That said, it’s finally time for me to be excited for a bit. Catch up on the various arts that populate our culture and my own interests.

This is in addition to spending time with you fuckers! What’s capturing your attention this week? Let’s hang out.